Planning Council Documents & Policies

The Ryan White Planning Council of the Dallas Area (RWPC) is responsible for planning services that support the use of HIV medical care among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in a 12-county region. Although a full continuum of services are available through Ryan White funded programs and community linkages, understanding consumer needs allows the RWPC to effectively plan to improve access, reduce barriers, enhance service satisfaction and bring consumers who know their status and are not receiving medical care into the system. Funding allocations follow effective planning , and these comprehensive needs assessment were designed to provide the essential information for decision-making.

FY 2022 Comprehensive Status Neutral/HIV Needs Assessment
FY 2021 Minis Need Assessment Report
FY 2019 Comprehensive HIV Needs Assessment
FY 2016 Comprehensive HIV Needs Assessment

The purpose of this Plan is to develop a multi-year comprehensive and responsive system of care that addresses the needs and challenges of the community. The Comprehensive Plan is a living document that serves as a roadmap for the provision of the Ryan White Part A continuum of care that will be used to guide discussions and decision-making over the next three years. The Comprehensive Plan provides an opportunity to achieve the vision of an “ideal” system of care through review of needs assessment data, existing resources to meet those needs and the review of barriers to care. This Plan addresses new legislative and programmatic initiatives including the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law {P.L.} 111-148), as amended by the Reconciliation Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-152, collectively referred to as the Health Reform Law), the Early Identification of Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS, and the Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives.

Dallas Eligible Metropolitan Area Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan - 2022 -2026
Dallas Eligible Metropolitan Area Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan

This document contains the following guidelines for the purpose of service delivery, billing, and documentation. It includes the HRSA definition of each service category, and the activities that each must, may and may not include. It includes the description of units of service and How Best to Meet the Priority special instructions.

FY2019 Service Delivery Guidelines

Ryan White Programs & Services deliveries comply with the Standards of Care.
FY 2023 Standards of Care 
Please use the following link to access updated monitoring tools & service category standards:

Each planning council must have written rules, called bylaws, which explain how the planning council operates. Bylaws must be clear and exact. 

2018 RWPC Bylaws
2018 RWPC Bylaws - Nominations Addendum A
2018 RWPC Bylaws - Grievance Addendum B

The Quality Management Plan is a written document that describes the Dallas EMA/Sherman-Denison HSDA Ryan White HIV Grants Management Division’s Quality Program. It includes responsibilities and accountability, performance measures, goals, work plan and processes for evaluating the subcontractors’ Quality Management Programs.

FY 2019 Quality Management Plan
FY 2018 Quality Management Plan

This report describes the accomplishments and work of the RWPC Standing Committees’ and the Office of Support over the past year. 

2022 End of Year Report
2018 End of Year Report
2017 End of Year Report
2016 End of Year Report
2015 End of Year Report
2014 End of Year Report
2013 End of Year Report
2012 End of Year Report