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Consumer Council Committee

Meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 12pm.

Committee Members

Helen E. Turner
John Dornheim
Karin Petties
Linda Freeman
Lionel Hillard
Ricky Tyler
Robert McGee II
Cristopher Grimes

Auntjuan Wiley
Auntjuan Wiley,
Donna Wilson
Donna Wilson,
Vice Chair

Julie Jackson
Jamie Collins
Jonathan Thorne
Julie Wilson Caldwell
Alexander Deets
Helen Zimba
Carmarion Anderson

Charge: Empowering consumers through education by providing the tools and knowledge to interact with those individuals and committees that affect categorical service delivery of the Ryan White Treatment Extension Act, including the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

The Consumer Council Committee advocates on important issues for the Dallas EMA HIV Community by participating in:

  • the Prioritization process
  • various community events
  • national and local conferences and summits
  • producing a series of educational forums