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Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets: Surplus, Transfers, P280s

Founders Square - 900 Jackson Street, 6th Floor, Suite 680, Dallas, TX 75202
Telephone: (214) 653-7431 • Fax: (214) 653-7449

Dallas County has thousands of controlled and fixed assets. These assets come in many varieties (i.e. vehicles, firearms, road equipment, computer systems, furniture, etc.). Combined, they have value of millions of dollars. As public servants, Dallas County employees are responsible for the care and custody of this large investment. Accountability is not only an inherent duty of County employees; it is also required by statute. All departments/offices are responsible for controlling and protecting the assets of the County that have been entrusted to them and each County employee has the duty to protect and conserve County assets. The negligent or willful loss or damage of County assets by an employee, including a department head, may be cause for disciplinary action consequences in accordance with the County’s policies.

The Purchasing Department is responsible for providing guidance and assistance to departments to ensure compliance and accountability by assisting in recording and inventorying assets, providing reports and inventory records, and managing the transfer of assets between departments, or from surplus inventory as well as the disposal of fixed assets no longer needed.

To accomplish this, the Purchasing Department supervises a variety of actions, and with approval by Commissioners Court, may:

  • Sell the surplus or salvage asset by competitive bid or auction;
  • Offer the asset as a trade-in during the purchase process;
  • Transfer a useable asset between departments or from surplus inventory for continuous use;
  • Donate the asset to a civic or charitable organization located in the County; or
  • Order the asset to be destroyed or otherwise disposed of;

To begin the process of transfer or disposal, the department/office initiates a request through the use of the Dallas County Property Transfer Form, also known as the P280 form. The department/office shall provide all required and pertinent information and then transmit the request or any questions to the Purchasing Department’s Lead Fixed Asset Specialist.

Detailed instructions are noted on the top of the form. Assets are not transferred without a completed P280 Property Transfer form. The department/office shall not dispose of assets by any other means.

For additional information regarding fixed assets contact the person below:

Kerry Rhines - Lead Fixed Asset Specialist
Phone - 214-653-7253
Fax - 214-751-7449
E-Mail -

Click Property Transfer Form to download a copy.


For further detailed information, please consult the Dallas County Purchasing Manual, Section 18 County-Owned Property.