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2010 Bid Tabulations

2010 Bid Tabulations

Founders Square - 900 Jackson Street, 6th Floor, Suite 680, Dallas, TX 75202
Telephone: (214) 653-7431 • Fax: (214) 653-7449

Bid NumberDescription
2010-001-4648Bear Creek Road at Hampton Road - MCIP Project No. 32501 Intersection Improvement
2010-002-4660Annual Contract for the Purchase of Waterborne (Lead Free) Traffic Paint
2010-003-4661Annual Contract for Newspaper Advertising
2010-004-4671Demo & Recon of Residential Property Located at 504 Armstrong, Seagoville, TX
2010-005-4673Annual Contract for the Purchase of Tires and Tubes
2010-006-4677Demo & Recon of Residential Property Located at 11617 Spence, Balch Springs, TX
2010-007-4703Annual Contract for the Purchase of Paper for Office Use
2010-008-4708Annual Contract for Diswashing Compounts, Chemicals, Drying Agents, Automatic Dispensing Equipment and Related Services
2010-009-4712Request for Proposal for Vehicle Towing and Storage Services -- N/A
2010-010-4713Request for Proposal for Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) -- N/A
2010-011-4714Purchase and Installation of Four (4) New Maximum Security D5B Sliding Door Corridor Operators
2010-012-4715Purchase and Installation of Three (3) New 5 ton Commercial Unitary Gas/Electric Roof Top Packaged Units
2010-013-4734Purchase and Installation of New 18 and 25 Ton Commercial Gas/Electric Roof Top Packaged Units
2010-014-4736Annual Contract for Road and Highway Building Materials
2010-015-4755Annual Contract for Hair Cuts for Juveniles
2010-016-4757Annual Contract for Inmate Clothing
2010-017-4780Demolition & Reconstruction of Residential Property Located at 714 Lloyd, Wilmer, TX 75172
2010-018-4792Annual Contract for the Purchase of Indigent Hygiene Packets & Related Items
2010-019-4793Request for Proposal for Substance Abuse Treatment Services for the Dallas County DWI Courts -- N/A
2010-020-4798For Sale Tax Foreclosed Properties -- N/A
2010-021-4819Demo & Recon of Residential Property Located at 1418 Honor Dr., DeSoto, TX
2010-022-4859Request for Proposal for Pre-Employment Background Services -- N/A
2010-023-4863Annual Contract for the Purchase of Personal Protective Equipment
2010-024-4884Statement of Qualifications for a Design/Build Project for a New Grand Prairie Sub Courthouse -- N/A
2010-025-4885Lake Ridge Parkway from Mansfield Rd. to DC Line - MCIP Project No. 40902
2010-026-4913Annual Contract for Security Services
2010-027-4293Annual Contract for Polygraph Services
2010-028-4925Contract for Preventive/Remedial Maintenance, Inspection and Repair of the Electrical Switchgear and Ground Fault Switch
2010-029-4926Contract for the Purchase of Ford and Chrysler Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Automoltive Parts and Accessories for Passenger Vehicles and Light Duty Trucks
2010-030-4929Demo & Recon of Residential Property Located at 1402 Honor Dr., DeSoto, TX
2010-031-4934Harry Hines at Oak Lawn - Ramp Improvements - MCIP Project No. 30211A - Improvements of the North Bound and South Bound Ramps from Oak Lawn Ave. to Harry Hines Blvd.
2010-032-4935Annual Contract for the Purchase of Commercially Prepared Media Reagents and Stains
2010-033-4949Demo & Recon of Residential Property Located at 306 North Dallas, Wilmer, TX
2010-034-4950Demo & Recon of Residential Property Located at 706 Dewberry, Wilmer, TX
2010-035-4952CDBG FY 2008 Cockrell Hill Water Main Improvements, PH.  V, Along Archer Ave and Ogden Ave.  Both Frolm Jefferson Blvd. to Pagoda St., and Higgins Ave, Respectively; Grant No. B-08-UC-480003
2010-036-4967Annual Contract for the Purchase of X-ray Supplies, Preventive Maintenance and Regulatory Compliance
2010-037-4979Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for the Downtown Campus of Buildings
2010-038-4980Purchase and Installation of Automotive Shop Equipment and Related Accessories -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2010-039-4981Annual Contract for Written and Sign Language Translation
2010-040-4982Annual Contract for the Purchase of Photographic Supplies
2010-041-4985Annual Contract for the Purchase of HVAC Filters
2010-042-4986Annual Contract for Transport of Elections Equipment, Machines and Related Items
2010-043-5005Annual Contract for Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Services
2010-044-5007CDBG FY2009 Seagoville Briar Creek MHP Paving Improvements Ph. III, Van St. - Bid Schedule - City of Seagoville and County of Dallas - District No. 3 -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2010-045-5009Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for the Institute of Forensic Sciences/Medical Examiner Facility
2010-046-5013Demo & Recon of Residential Property Located at 301 E. Palestine, Hutchins, TX
2010-047-5024FY 2010 Needs Assessment for HIV Services -- N/A
2010-048-5027Purchase of Hardware and Software Upgradeto Fingerprint Identifying Solution
2010-049-5033Annual Contract for the Purchase of Rapid HIV 1/2 Stat Pak Kits
2010-050-5034Annual Contract for the Purchase of Custom Die Cut Heavy Duty Record Storage Boxes With Removable Lids
2010-051-5037Annual Contract for Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste/Refuse Collection and Disposal Services
2010-052-5049Purchase of Microfilm, Scanners, Printers and Workstations
2010-053-5063Annual Contract for Random Drug and Alcohol Testing
2010-054-5064Annual Contract for Plumbing Material and Related Products
2010-055-5065Annual Contract for Commercial Window/Door Interior and Exterior Glass Repair and Replacement Services at Various County Buildings
2010-056-5067Demo & Recon of Residential Property Located at 914 Armstrong, Seagoville, TX
2010-057-5073Annual Contract for the Purchase of Engine Motor Oil, Lubricants, Grease, Anti-Freeze nd Other Related Automotive Chemicals
2010-058-5075Annual Contract for All Risk Building and Content Property Insurance Coverage
2010-059-5090Request For Proposal for FY 2010 HIV Health and Social Services -- N/A
2010-060-5093Demo & Recon of Residential Property Located at 1200 Finn Rd., Hutchins, Texas -- CANCELLED
2010-061-5095Request For Proposal for Video Visitation Systenm for the Dallas County Sheriff's Department -- N/A
2010-062-5097Request For Proposal for Residential Services for the Dallas County Juvenile Department  -- N/A
2010-063-5104Request for Proposal for the Development of a Continuity of Operations Plan and Program for Dallas County -- N/A
2010-064-5108Statement of Qualifications for Laboratory Services IDIQ -- N/A
2010-065-5119Request for Qualifications for Professional Elevator Consultant Services -- N/A
2010-066-5120Request for Proposal for Fleet Fuel Card Program and Management Services -- N/A
2010-067-5121Request for Proposal for Electronic Payments Processing Services and Solution Provider for the Dallas County Tax Office E-Commerce Initiatives -- N/A
2010-068-5132Annual Contract for the Purchase of Laundry Detergents, Chemicals, Related Products and Services
2010-069-5135Request For Proposal for the Domestic Violence Battering Intervention and Prevention Counseling and Treatment Program Services -- N/A
2010-070-5138RFQ for Level 1 IT Help Desk Service Provider -- N/A
2010-071-5139RFP for Temporary Personnel Services -- N/A
2010-072-5146RFQ for Financial Audits of Dallas County, Community Supervision & Correctionhs and the Juvenile Board -- N/A
2010-073-5147Demo & Recon of Residential Property Located at 416 Baker, Seagoville, TX
2010-074-5168Annual Contract for Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Seat Covers, Trash Bags, and Related Items
2010-075-5177Contract for the Purchase and Installation of a New Industrial/Commercial Grade Gas Water Heater
2010-076-5181Purchase of Automated Microscopic Sperm Detection System
2010-077-5182Purchase of Robotic Liquid Handling Station
2010-078-5187RFP for Dallas County's Justice of the Peace Court Case Management System -- N/A
2010-079-5188RFP for Five (5) Year Management Services Contract for Dallas County Parking Garages -- N/A
2010-080-5190Annual Contract for the Purchase of Lamps and Ballasts
2010-081-5191Demo & Recon of Residential Property Located at 244 Walnut, Wilmer, TX
2010-082-5192Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for the Health and Human Services Building and Sheriff's Department Human Resources Offices
2010-083-5193Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for the Frank Crowley Courts Building, Lew Sterrett Justice Center and Adjacent Towers
2010-084-5195Annual Contract for the Purchase of Commercial Grade Carpet -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2010-085-5202Contract for the Purchase and Installation of Automotive Fluid Dispensing Equipment and Other Related Accessories --CANCELLED
2010-086-5203Annual Contract for Maintenance of Microfilm Equipment and the Purchase of Consumables
2010-087-5204One-Time Purchase of ForkLift
2010-088-5206Services to Furnish and Replace Emergency Generator Control Panels -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2010-089-5231RFQ of Energy Service Companies for Performance Contracting  -- N/A
2010-090-5232RFP for Desktop Technical Support Services for Dallas County -- N/A
2010--091-5237Annual Contract for HVAC Systems Chemical Water Treatment and Consulting Services -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2010-092-5238Annual Contract for Chiller and HVAC System Inspections, Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2010-093-5244Annual Contract for the Purchase of Computer Paper and Labels