Transportation and Planning Division Overview

Transportation and Planning Division Overview

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The Transportation and Planning Division of the Public Works Department is located on the 4th floor of the Dallas County Administration Building. The Transportation and Planning division is responsible for providing transportation and mobility planning and project development engineering services to its customers. These responsibilities support the departments overall coordination and  management of the Major Capital Improvements Program (MCIP) process. The Transportation and Planning division developed the Dallas County Mobility Plan in 2019 and continues to maintain this document, which is utilized as a guide for implementing the MCIP. Transportation and Planning’s primary functions are summarized as Transportation and Mobility Planning, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Floodplain Administration and Management, Dallas County Unincorporated and Special Projects.

The Planning Team provides its customers with an array of transportation and planning services including support for unincorporated Dallas County and smaller municipalities. Some of the Team’s responsibilities include:

  • Mobility Plan
  • MCIP Call for Projects
  • City Outreach
  • Infrastructure Analysis and Management 

The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Team’s primary mission is to support transportation projects with clear and effective maps, geospatial analysis, and other GIS solutions. With a database specifically designed for spatial referenced data, GIS is suited as a platform to manage some of the data used in transportation planning and any other field that may need spatially referenced data within the county. We also collaborate with other agencies to develop and maintain the region's GIS data resources. Our responsibilities include:

  • Data Development
  • Spatial Data Management
  • Project Mapping
  • Transportation Data Analysis and Modeling   

Dallas County Public Works Department floodplain administration coordinates the overall program of corrective and preventive measures for reducing flood damage, including but not limited to emergency preparedness plans, flood control works, and floodplain management regulations.

Unincorporated Area Services Department was created by Dallas County Commissioners Court Order 2016-1411. Transportation Planning division performs the following functions for the unincorporated area.

  • Road Signage and Markings
  • Roadway Inventory
  • Unincorporated Area Bridges 
  •  Special Projects

The Transportation and Planning Division is headed by Tushar Solanki, P.E.