Court Appearances

Court Room

Defendants released on personal bond under Pretrial Services supervision are required to attend all scheduled court settings. All Court Hearings are held in the FRANK CROWLEY COURTS BUILDING IN DOWNTOWN DALLAS.

  • Your court setting notice will indicate which court you are assigned to, as well as the floor it is located on.
  • You will pass through a metal detector, so please do not bring any unnecessary or illegal items with you.
  • Enter the building from the main steps/entrance and the Pretrial office should be on the 1st floor in Rm A9.
  • Do not bring children to court with you.  Please make arrangements for their care.

Hiring an Attorney / Court Appointed Attorney

You are also required to hire an attorney to appear with you.  If you are indigent and unable to hire an attorney, you may be eligible for a court-appointed attorney.  Please contact the court in which your case was assigned.  There is an application process to determine if you qualify for a court-appointed attorney.

Be sure to contact your attorney 1-2 days before your court hearing.

Preparing for Court

Anyone required to be in court should make preparations before the court date arrives.  KNOW WHICH COURT YOU NEED TO BE IN AND ON WHAT DATE AND TIME.  You MUST report to the Pretrial Services Office to check-in at least 45 minutes before time to appear in court.  When preparing for court, keep the following items in mind:


  • Women:
    • Do not wear clothing that is too tight or revealing (no tank tops, halter tops, miniskirts or shorts).
    • Flip flops and tennis shoes are not appropriate foot wear.
    • Practice good hygiene (bathe, comb hair, brush your teeth).
    • Dress in neat and clean clothes (no tee shirts).
    • Do not overdress.
  • Men:
    • Shave. If you have a full beard, mustache or goatee, trim it.
    • Wear shoes or boots in good condition (no sandals or flip flops).
    • Practice good hygiene (bathe, comb your hair, brush your teeth).
    • Dress in neat and clean clothes (no tee shirts or shorts).
    • Do not overdress.
    • Know exactly how you plan to get to court so you will not be late.
    • Have a back-up plan if the first choice fails (car breaks down).
    • If traveling by bus, know which bus route you need to take and what time to be at your stop in order to be in court on time.
    • Leave home early to allow for delays and finding parking.
    • Remember you will have to pass through a metal detector. Do not carry unnecessary or illegal items to court or you may be taken into custody.
    • Turn off cell phones or any electronic devices you bring.
    • Do not bring food or drinks into the courtroom.
    • Be prepared to spend time in court. Your case may not be the first to be called.
  • OTHER:
    • Do not bring children to court. Make arrangements for their care.
    • Contact your attorney at least 1-2 days before court.
    • REMEMBER: Check-in at the Pretrial Services Office before going to court (give yourself plenty of time).