Northaven Trail

City of Dallas

Northaven Trail trail map

Featuring an extensive array of amenities (water fountains, rest areas, bicycle repair stations, and benches) that have provided by the City, the neighborhood, community groups, and local businesses and that the City hopes to replicate on its other trails, the 2.5-mile Northaven Trail represents the first major east-west trail in Dallas.

Located in Oncor right-of-way between Forest Lane and Royal, the trail begins at Valley Dale near Central Expressway on the east and ends at Preston Road on the west.

Studies are also already underway to determine how the trail can be extended to the east so that it can connect with the White Rock Trail and to the west so that it can reach Denton Drive. When fully completed, the trail will contain over eight miles and will connect with multiple neighborhoods, schools, community centers, churches, synagogues, and parks and will be one of the most important trails in North Central Texas.

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Northaven trailNorthaven trailNorthaven trail