Youth Service Advisory Board (YSAB)

Youth Service Advisory Board (YSAB)

The Youth Services Advisory Board (YSAB) is a citizen advisory council that provides recommendations to the Dallas County Juvenile Board (Juvenile Board) regarding the allocation of Dallas County Juror Fund money for programs and projects that benefit youth served by the DCJD.

The YSAB is authorized to:

  • Make recommendations to the Juvenile Board regarding Dallas County Juror Fund grant applications from community organizations and the DCJD. The DCJD shall not participate in YSAB’s deliberations regarding the application but only provide such information as the YSAB may reasonably request to enable the YSAB to make its recommendations.
  • Receive reports from the DCJD regarding allocations and use of funds by grant recipients.
  • Receive evaluative information regarding programs funded with Dallas County Juror Fund monies.

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