Probation Services

Probation Services

Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center - 2600 Lone Star Drive, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: (214) 698-2200

Julie Childers, Ph.D.Julie Childers, Ph.D.
Deputy Director

The Probation Services Division sees that youth receive the best services to meet their unique needs while they are involved with the justice system. Probation Services works with youth throughout the adjudication process. Trained professionals called Probation Officers ensure that youth receive needed services beginning at intake, through court, and (if found true) while on probation. These services are delivered with or without formal court intervention, depending on the nature of the offense, the background of the youth, the community safety issues impacted by that child’s behavior, and the needs of the victims of any offenses. Probation is an option that a Juvenile Court Judge has after a youth is adjudicated as delinquent (found true of the committing the offense charged). While on probation, a youth must follow rules and regulations called conditions. These conditions address the needs of the youth and family and encourage future success. A Probation Officer is assigned to each youth. Probation officers guide youth throughout their probation to ensure that the youth meets each condition and exit the juvenile justice system. Special probation programs address unique needs for youth and their families.


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