Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services

Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center - 2600 Lone Star Drive, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: (214) 698-2200

Taylor Ervin PhotoErvin Taylor
Assistant Deputy Director

Ervin Taylor oversees the following services and can be reached at

Emergency Management
In collaboration with the Dallas County Fire Marshal’s Office, the Juvenile Department’s Emergency Management is responsible for the overall safety of the youth housed at the Juvenile Department’s detention and residential facilities as well as its 1,000+ employees. To ensure that the highest level of safety is maintained, the Juvenile Department’s Emergency Management is responsible for training, development, and implementation of safety practices in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and policies. 

Oversees daily operations of food service at the Dallas County Juvenile Department  and certain facilities and ensures compliance with a multitude of applicable United States Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Program guidelines and other state or local guidelines. This ensures accurate count of all residents in Dallas County Juvenile Department facilities for reimbursement on a monthly basis after verification of the numbers submitted. Responsible for timely financial report compliance with certain auditors and the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). Prepares, monitors, maintains, and/or assists with coordinating/facilitation of, where applicable, verification reports, health inspections, wellness reports, annual audits, and meal observations. Staying up to date on all TDA related policies and changes to among others, provide TDA approved trainings across all facilities to select staff.

Facilities Management
In collaboration with Dallas County Facilities Management, the Juvenile Department’s Facilities Management is responsible for overseeing and ensuring that the operation, maintenance, and upkeep of Juvenile Department facilities and field offices are maintained and remain in building code compliance. 

Key Control/Equipment Management
Responsible for the Juvenile Department’s oversight of the Dallas County Commissioners Court policy governing the request of keys and locks. To ensure effective security while maintaining reasonable usability of Dallas County Juvenile Department facilities, the Departmental Key Coordinator maintains accountability and control of Juvenile Department key and lock systems through the implementation of a record-keeping system, including as needed key duplication and distribution with the assistance of Dallas County Facilities Management.