The North Dallas Government Center at 10056 Marsh Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229 has been closed until further notice due to tornado damage from the inclement weather on Sunday, October 20, 2019.

For a list of helpful recovery resources, please click the “October 2019 Tornado Resources” link in the orange Hot Links box.

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Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items

  • Any type of Club intended for personal defense, including but not limited to blackjack, nightstick, mace, hatchet, baton, PR-24.
  • Any type of explosive device, including but not limited to, bomb, grenade, rocket, mine, fireworks, blasting caps, toy caps.
  • Firearm of any kind, including but not limited to pistol, rifle, shotgun, improvised firearms, BB/Pellet guns, rubber band guns.
  • Defensive spray of any kind, including but not limited to Mace, pepper spray, oleoresin capsicum.
  • Knives: Only common pocket knives with blade(s) under 2" in length that fold into the handle, doesn't open by pressing a button of any kind and doesn't lock in place will be allowed. All other styled knives or devices used for cutting are prohibited.
  • Knuckles (brass, steel, wooden, spiked)
  • Stun gun, Taser.
  • Hoax weapon (any item that appears to be a prohibited weapon).
  • Chemical dispensing device, including aerosol cans.*
  • Fashion chains (attached to wallets, keys, etc…
  • Any item that is unnecessary for the normal conduct of County business that could reasonably be a threat or disturbance to County business.

NOTE: *indicates exceptions could be made for County employees who display a County-issued ID badge.