You may claim an exemption from jury service if one of the following pertains to you:

  1. Are over 75 years of age.  You may claim this exemption one time or on a permanent basis.  Dallas County will try to remove your name from future lists but this cannot be guaranteed.   We can remove your name from the Voter’s Registration list that is sent to the Secretary of State to make up the jury wheel but we cannot remove your name from the DPS list.  We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience once you claim a permanent exemption.
  2. Have legal custody of a child or children under twelve (12) years of age and serving jury duty would necessitate leaving this child or children without adequate supervision.  This exemption does not apply to those who work outside the home during normal business hours.  It does not apply if children are in a day care facility.  If you work part-time, this may be addressed on a case by case basis.  Please explain unusual circumstances in writing or appear as summoned.
  3. Attend high school or are enrolled in college, attending full-time.
  4. Are an officer or employee of the legislative branch of state government. (This exemption does not include municipal police officers, county sheriffs or peace officers.)
  5. Are the primary caretaker of a person who is an invalid.  This does not apply to health care workers or persons who work a job and check on an elderly or invalid person daily.
  6. Impaneled as a petit juror within the past six months on a jury of 6 or 12 people in Dallas County, at either the George Allen or Frank Crowley Court Buildings.
  7. Have a medical condition which prevents you from serving.  This exemption requires a statement from your doctor explaining your condition and why you are unable to serve jury duty.  If this is a permanent condition, keep the original letter and send a copy to Jury Services.  You may submit a copy of this letter should you receive a jury summons in the future.  You do not have to appear.

If you wish to claim exemption or disqualification, click here to submit an online jury service request.