Fire Code Fee Schedule

Records Building - 500 Elm Street, Suite 0500, Dallas TX 75202
Phone: (214) 653-7970

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Fire & Safety Final InspectionFire & Safety Final Inspection$35.00
Fire & Safety Final Re-InspectionRe-Inspection 1st time
Second & Thereafter
No Charge
CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY - The review and inspection required for the issuance of the CertificateThe fee is $100$100.00
Open Burning
Special Open Burning - Bon Fires (Each Occurrence)Filed Permit Required$25.00
Private (Annual for individual)Filed Permit Required$25.00
Agriculture (Silva culture) - Allowed by lawFiled Permit RequiredNo Charge
Commercial (per project)Less than 20 Acres$250.00
Commercial (per project)Greater than 20 Acres$500.00
Outdoor Retail Stands Temporary or PermanentPer Individual Stand$50.00
Indoor Stands Small indoor stands
Large to Mega Indoor Stands
Stands less than 1000 Sq. Ft.
Stands greater than 1000 Sq. Ft.
Fireworks Display/ShowPer Display/Show$100.00
Construction Permits
Building and Site PlansPer 1000 sq. ft. of Structure$100.00
Automatic Fire-Extinguishing Systems
Automatic Fire-Extingishing Systems1 to 20 heads$100.00
Automatic Fire-Extingishing Systems21 to 250 heads$175.00
Automatic Fire-Extingishing Systems251 to 499 heads$250.00
Automatic Fire-Extingishing Systems500 heads or greater
$350+ 50¢ per additional head
Automatic Fire-Extingishing Systems Remodels, Additions, and Relocations$100.00 + 50¢ per device and maximum fee is $2,000$50.00
Fire Alarm Detection Related Equipment
Fire Alarm/Detection Related Equipment1 to 10 devices$100.00
Fire Alarm/Detection Related Equipment11 to 25 devices$175.00
Fire Alarm/Detection Related Equipment26 to 150 devices$250.00
Fire Alarm/Detection Related Equipment151 to 499 devices$350.00
Fire Alarm/Detection Related Equipment500 devices or greater
$35 + .50¢ per additional device
Fire AlarmSystem Remodels, Additional, and Relocations$100.00 + .50¢ per device and maximum fee is $2,000$100.00+
Other Systems and Operations
Smoke Control, Elevator Recall, Door access control $50.00
Fire Pumps and Related Equipment $100.00
Standpipe Systems $50.00
Private Fire Hydrants $50.00
Flammable and Combustible Liquids $100.00
Hazardous Materials $100.00
LLP-Gas $100.00
Spraying or Dipping Operations $100.00
Temporary Membrane Structures-Tents and CanopiesPer Unit$75.00
Carnival or CircusSmall Facility
Large Facility
Annual Inspections
Commercial/Public1-5,000 sq. ft.$25.00
Commercial/Public5,001-12,000 sq. ft.$50.00
Commercial/Public12,001-25,000 sq. ft.$75.00
Commercial/Public25,001-50,000 sq. ft.$100.00
Commercial/Public50,001-100,000 sq. ft.$125.00
Commercial/Public100,001-250,000 sq. ft.$175.00
Commercial/Public≥250,000 each 10,000 sq. ft.$25.00
Multi-family ResidencesPer building$50.00
Service Stations and Other Flammable Liquid or oxidizer storage facilities $100.00
Mass Gatherings & Assignments of Inspection Personnel and Permit

The fee is due when the site/safety/operations plans are submitted for review
The fee is $250
In addition, a fee of $75.00 for each hour, or portion of an hour, per each inspection personnel required on site during the event.
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission License Inspection
One inspection and one re-inspection in case of failure for one location.
For each annual inspection for each bar, club, or retail establishment$100.00
Re-Inspections1st Re-Inspection
2nd and Beyond
No Charge
Licensed Facilities
Foster or Adoptive HomesLicensed for 1-6 children$75.00
Foster Group HomesLicensed for 7-12 children$100.00
Day Care Centers1-50 children$75.00
Day Care Centers50-99 children$100.00
Day Care Centers100-49 children$125.00
Day Care Centers150 or more children$150.00
Schools and Educational Occupancies (Public)Public Schools K thru 12thNo Charge
Schools and Educational Occupancies (Private)All other schools-see commercial rates above––––
Hospitals/Nursing HomesLicensed for 1-99 Beds$150.00
Hospitals/Nursing HomesLicensed for 100-199 Beds$200.00
Hospitals/Nursing HomesLicensed for 200-499 Beds$300.00
Hospitals/Nursing HomesLicensed for 500 or more Beds$400.00
Hourly Rates: Inspectors
Charges during normal office hoursNormal Office Hours or ShiftsNo Charge
Special Inspections, (after hours) per inspector hourPer Hour Per Inspector for each hour of portion thereof$75.00
Fire Watch/Standby:
For qualified personnel for purpose of identifying and controlling fire hazards and life safety
Per Hour Per Inspector for each hour or portion thereof$75.00
Operational Permits
Aerosol Products $50.00
Amusement Building $75.00
Aviation Facilities $50.00
Carnivals & Fairs $100.00
Battery Systems $50.00
Cellulose Nitrate Film $50.00
Combustible Dust-Producing Operations $50.00
Combustible Fibers $50.00
Compressed Gases $50.00
Covered Mall Building $100.00
Cryogenic Fluids $50.00
Cutting and Welding $50.00
Dry Cleaning Plants $50.00
Exhibits and Trade Shows $75.00
Explosives $50.00
Fire Hydrant and Valves $50.00
Flammable and Combustible Liquids $75.00
Floor Finishing $50.00
Fruit and Crop Ripening $50.00
Fumigation and Thermal Insecticide Fogging $50.00
Hazardous Materials $50.00
HPM Facilities $50.00
High-Pile Storage $50.00
Hot work Operations $50.00
Industrial Ovens $50.00
Lumbar Yards and Woodworking Plants $50.00
Liquid/Gas-fueled Vehicles/Equipment in Assembly Building $50.00
LP Gas $100.00
Magnesium $50.00
Miscellaneous Combustible Storage $50.00
Open BurningSee Open Burning Category 
Open Flames and Torches $50.00
Open Flames and Candles $50.00
Organic Coatings $50.00
Places of Assembly $50.00
Private Fire Hydrants $50.00
Pyrotechnic Special Effects Material $50.00
Add to dictionary Plastics $50.00
Refrigeration Equipment $50.00
Repair Garages and Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities $50.00
Rooftop Heliports $50.00
Spraying or Dipping $75.00
Storage of Scrap Tires and Tire Byproducts $50.00
Temporary Membrane Structures, Tents, Canopies $50.00
Tire Rebuilding Plants $50.00
Waster Handling $50.00
Wood Products $50.00
DUPLICATE PERMIT - The issuance of duplicate permitsThe fee is $10.00 for each duplicate permit$10.00 each