Flooring Cleaning or Replacement

Carpet Cleaning Schedule - Hot Water Extraction ONLY

Facilities Management cleans the carpets in county buildings on a schedule. 

PLEASE NOTE:  When Facilities Management receives a request for new flooring, we evaluate the condition of the flooring to determine if it needs to be replaced. If we determine the carpet is still in good condition and does not need replacing, we inform the requestor  they can pay for new flooring out of their departmental funding. Facilities Management will provide a quote for replacement and facilitate getting a PO once a funding source is provided.

For visual examples of what will and will not be replaced, please click here.

Guidelines Governing Flooring Replacement:

To request flooring repairs, replacement or stain removal, please submit a work order to facilities.dispatch@dallascounty.org.

Please see below for the Dallas County Policy on flooring and flooring requests:

  1. Purpose;
    Dallas County Commissioners Court is responsible for the safety of its taxpayers and employees at ALL Dallas County Facilities. Dallas County buildings contain over 5 million square feet of interior flooring. This policy shall apply to ALL interior flooring throughout Dallas County buildings and Jails.
  2. Authority;
    Facilities Management does not have approval or authority to go outside of any Dallas County contract without Commissioners Court approval. No outside flooring products can be purchased and/or installed without Commissioner’s Court approval. All requests for flooring outside of Dallas County contract must be initiated by either a Department Director or Elected Official. In the event a specific product is requested and it is off contract or out of Dallas County color selection, the Department Director or Elected Official must make their request directly to Dallas County Commissioner’s Court by placing the matter for consideration on the Commissioner’s Court Agenda. The Department Director or Elected Official must provide a detailed briefing to Commissioner’s Court to explain the need for the product and what is the new product requested, why Dallas County standard product is not being used and asking for permission to purchase this product to be installed in the County building, along with providing a funding code for the product.
  3. Responsibility;
    Facilities Management (Director and/or Project Coordinator) shall be responsible for the selection of all county flooring (color standard for Carpet and Standard Vinyl Tile) per county contract. Facilities Management shall retain all stock of products.
    1. The Project Coordinator responsibilities include, but are not limited to; monitoring the Contractor’s progress and performance as well as ensuring services conform to established specification requirements.
    2. Dallas County Facilities or Flooring Contractor will not be responsible for moving computers/monitors/printers or copier equipment (end user will need to coordinate with IT and Purchasing handles all copiers, which also include any electrical cords, wiring or phone cord/wiring). IT will not work on any project using overtime hours without written permission and a funding code from the department. Facilities does not pay for any IT or copier technician fees. Facilities  does not coordinate any IT  connecting or disconnecting any computers, printers or copiers, this will be the responsibility of the department.
    3. The Project Coordinator address all questions or concerns that arise as to the quality and acceptability of any work or services performed under Dallas County contract in accordance to the specification set forth in the bid specification requirements. If, in the opinion of the Project Coordinator or his/her designated representative, the performance becomes unsatisfactory, the County shall notify the contractor of such and the contractor shall make acceptable such performance at no additional cost to the County.
  4. All Flooring request;
    Requests for ANY flooring requires a work order; all work order request should be emailed to facilities.dispatch@dallascounty.org.

    Facilities Management receives many “requests” for flooring replacement; Supervisor/Manager and Project Coordinator will inspect each request and use Dallas County standards for all recommendations.

    Category of flooring levels;
    1. Critical replacement (fire/flood/trip hazard) 1st on our priority;
    2. Health/safety replacement (i.e. holes in floor, carpet bulging, carpet pulls-creating a safety issue and bio-hazards etc.);
    3. Aesthetic changes will not be made just by requesting (stains are not critical or life safety) these requests will be inspected and action applied;
    4. Budget
               All carpet stains are reported to facilities.dispatch@dallascounty.org
    1. Once a work order is generated, the Supervisor/Manager accesses the request and starts a plan of action. A review of the area will be made and Supervisor will send an email response to dispatch   requestor on the status will be made to include; if the work order should be sent to janitorial for cleaning or replacement. All carpet stains will be inspected for cleaning first. If it is recommended for cleaning; it is placed on a schedule to the Dallas County Compliance team. If problem is not resolved then Compliance team contacts the Supervisor/Manager on their findings Supervisor/Manager forwards request for replacement.
  1. Emergencies;
    In the event of flooring emergencies (flood or fire), Dallas County Facilities Management or county contractor will be responsible for removal and replacement of the flooring including cove base which includes after hours, weekends, or holidays. In the event of an emergency, Project Coordinator and/or contractor will be given total access to all areas under replacement.
  2. Housekeeping;
    Dallas County Code: (74-192) No food or beverage will be allowed in carpeted areas of Dallas County facilities, therefore; all copier, Jury deliberation room, breakroom, restrooms, kitchens, etc. will have hard surface products installed (Project Coordinator will select hard surface and color choice).
  3. Dust;
    What You Can Do to Minimize Your Exposure to Dust at Work? Specific steps that you can take to reduce your exposure to dust at work are dependent on the nature of your work and work environment. If you work in an office environment, for example, you should routinely clean the surface of your desk and keep your work area free, or mostly free, of posters, stacks of paper, binders and other materials that gather dust. Papers, boxes, filing systems all create dust. Here is an opportunity to digitize/streamline the papers, recycle and purging is encouraged. Please visit Facilities Management recycling page for more information.


Examples of flooring in great/good condition - does not qualifiy for replacement.
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Good/Great Condition
Good/Great Condition
Good/Great Condition
Good/Great Condition

Examples of flooring in poor condition - qualifies for replacement.
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Poor Condition
Poor Condition
Poor Condition
Poor Condition
Poor Condition
Poor Condition