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Downtown/George Allen Group

The George Allen crew consists of 16 skilled and trained mechanics that include the following: Lead HVAC, HVAC, Lead Plumber, Plumber, Lead Electrician, Electrician, Lead Building Mechanic, Senior Building Mechanics and Building Mechanics. We are responsible for six buildings spread over three blocks in downtown Dallas. These buildings include the Old Red Museum that is our oldest building built in 1892, the Administration building built in 1905, The JFK Museum, the Records Building built in 1925, Records Annex built in 1956, Old Criminal Courts Building built in 1914, the George Allen Courts Building built in 1966 and the George Allen Annex completed in 2004. The Records Complex, which consists of the Records Building, Records, Annex, and Old Criminal Courts Building, is currently being renovated and is scheduled to open in 2021. The renovation is a complete reconfiguration of the space to reflect the current needs of our staff and citizens and will bring all the modern amenities inside, while maintaining the beautiful and original design of the exterior.