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Serving 1.6+ million square feet of janitorial office space (55+ buildings) and 6.7+ million square feet of cleaning space, we provide commercial janitorial service. A janitor is possibly one of the most underrated occupations. They might operate in the background, but we'd certainly take notice if they didn't exist. Janitors maintain the cleanliness and safety of the buildings in which we live and work. They clean the interiors, and often the exteriors, of these facilities. Janitorial services are a vital part of daily lives. So, please be kind to all janitorial services providers.

Goal 3: Promote Excellence in Customer Service
Team Leaders: Operations, Q/A Manager-Team/All Manager
Strategy 3.0:  Listening to internal and external customer   
Action 3.0.1:  Continue networking with departments with an emphasis on performance
Action 3.1.2:  Continue customer service survey bi-annual with a concentration of building identification to correct/address issues
Action 3.1.3: Address the voice of the customer issues after survey
Strategy 3.2:  Relationship management
Action 3.2.1:  Quarterly customer service training at all levels; dispatch desk, day porters and vendor owners
Action 3.2.2:  Manage complaint process with strong accountability and re-training procedures
Action 3.2.3   Review complaint email portal daily; with a customer follow up
Strategy 3.4: Monitor out sources county contracts
Action 3.4.1:  Monitor janitorial, pest control, window cleaning, carpet cleaning contracts for best practices
Action 3.4.2:  Monitor janitorial inspection process by including to QA (quality assurance) team inspections
Action 3.4.3:  Engage Facilities Managers at all levels to perform routinely janitorial inspections to enhance front of the house
Action 3.4.4:  Continue to update Q/A with all changes w/clients and building needs regarding the front of the house approach