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Nuisance & Environmental Abatement

600 Commerce Street, 7th Floor, Suite 750
Dallas, Texas 75202-3301


The Department of Unincorporated Area Services (DUAS) through its Nuisance Abatement Division is responsible for the enforcement of Chapter 343 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, and other codes related to Nuisance Abatement, adopted by Dallas County. These codes are designed to protect the Health, Safety, and Welfare of all who live, work or visit Dallas and the state of Texas. They also ensure a positive effect on property value, community appearance, and neighborhood pride.

Responsibility for maintenance of properties and the overall aesthetic appearance of neighborhoods ultimately lie with the property owners and tenants in the County. This means every citizen is responsible for their property. Properties that are not maintained fall into disrepair; deteriorate; devalue neighborhoods; become an encouragement to crime and lead to blight. As the County ages, it becomes more crucial and challenging to ensure that all property owners are aware of the Health and Safety Codes requirements for maintenance of their properties. The DUAS provides a vital, effective means of educating and enforcing the County’s standards to ensure that Dallas County is a model County for all to enjoy and admire.

The Nuisance Abatement Division’s primary goal is voluntary compliance. This is achieved through a proactive, comprehensive, community communication initiative that stresses cooperation through education. When necessary, Nuisance Abatement Officers will use additional steps to ensure compliance.

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