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Issues and Resources Library

Issues and Resources Library

The following links provide access to a wide range of information and resources pertaining to economic & land development, housing, transportation, urban planning, workforce, and more and presented as an educational tool and resource:

July 2018

Toyota Mobility Foundation Publishes the "Building Mobility Systems Suitable to Local Communities" Guidebook
Autonomous Vehicles Will Further Clog City Centers Unless Lawmakers Step Up
The 200-acre Harold Simmons Park Between The Trinity River Levees Moves Forward
Climate Change to Bring North Texas Longer Droughts, Heavy Rains, 120-Degree Temps within 25 years
Takeaways From The D Magazine Urbanism Symposium
What is Excessive Parking Costing Cities?
Ten Affordable Housing Projects Saul Himelstein | Jul 9, 2018
Vacancy as a Decision: How Do Power and Privilege Contribute to Empty Spaces
Dallas’ Next Great Neighborhoods’ Next

June 2018

Lost Dallas
Why Dallas Lags Behind The Urban Renaissance
How Great Cities Are Made
People Driven Design: Planning for the Urban Future of Autonomous Vehicles
How Dallas Paved A Future of Growth, Inequality, and Crisis
The Affordable Housing Crisis Hits Dallas Almost as hard as California Metros
The Sister City Qualities of Dallas and Dubai
First Look at Center for Architecture’s New Downtown Dallas Digs, New Name
Pushing The New Momentum in Downtown Dallas Development
A City of Sprawl Goes Urban
Dallas public housing agency has an offer it hopes real estate developers can’t ignore

April - May 2018

Frisco Was The Nation’s Fastest Growing City, But Another DFW City’s Growth Was More Surprising
San Antonio tops national list in population gain; Houston growth is sluggish
Density does Dallas: As seeds of progressive urbanism take root in the mammoth sprawl of the Metroplex, how will the city evolve?
How Do We Solve The Housing Crisis
Dallas Companies Have Left For The Suburbs. City Planners Are On A Mission To Bring Them Back
DFW Challenges to Growth: Increasing Income Gap Threatens Region:
Some Of The Hidden Reasons Why Dallas Is Booming
Modular Rooftop Skyports To Support Uber’s Flying Taxi
America's Housing Crisis Is Spreading To Smaller Cities
DFW Suburbs Could Be An Affordable Housing-Done-Right-Test
6 Projects That Transformed Dallas Into A Global Powerhouse Over The Last 10 Years
Healthiest Neighborhoods Are Walkable and Green
New Program Helping Minority Developers Rebuild Detroit
How Should Cities Set Goals to Address Housing Affordability
Better Incentive Pay
Public and Private Opportunities
Building Middle Homes & Three Emerging Technologies Shaping the Future of Cities

March 2018

Dallas Regional Chamber Taking Inventory of the Areas Ability to Foster Innovation
Sharing Ebook: Activating the Urban Commons
Paris Mulls Free Public Transportation to Reduce Pollution
Capitol Metro Lays Out Ambitious Rail and Rapid Bus Plan Austin
Opportunity Zones
Dart’s GoLink Expanding In Southern Dallas

Previously Posted

Dallas - Ft. Worth LinkedIn Workforce Report (March 2018)
Webinar: TCRP Report 194: Knowledge Management Resource to Support Strategic Workforce Development for Transit Agencies
Tell Congress To Support Infrastructure Improvements
Vacant Post Offices
Dallas - Ft. Worth LinkedIn Workforce Report (February 2018)
Housing, Traffic Issues Shifting The Tide of Multifamily Development I’m Silicon Valley
Why San Jose’s Housing/Job Balance Will Be Difficult To Fix
We Have To Get The History of Fair Park Right
San Diego Office Development Putting Workplace Near Transit and Housing
In Texas Bad Transportation Policy Is Killing Us
A Scathing Look at Fair Park’s History and Why Dallas Needs to Finally Fix the Park: A new report tells a difficult story about how the city and the State Fair ruined South Dallas and advocates for a new way forward.
Can The Tech Industry Revitalize Historically Black Neighborhoods
LinkedIn Workforce Report: Dallas - Ft. Worth: January 2018
Tackling Housing Affordability in Dallas
Executive Roundtable: Why We Need Top, Disruptive Talent in North Texas
CRE Opinion: Dallas Through Amazon’s-Colored Glasses
Developers Are Rethinking Their Parking. Here’s Why
Social Housing
City of Dallas: Market Value Analysis
Dallas’ Culture Plan 2018
Great Public Spaces
Great Resource for All Things Urban
Can An Institutional Investor Make Single-Family Rentals Profitable And Affordable?
Belk’s Community & Housing Initiative
Community Benefits Agreements
Creating Innovation Centers
Co-Living A Catalyst for Growing Commercial Districts
The New Industry Driver: How The Rise of Autonomous Vehicles Could Impact Future Real Estate Strategy
Beyond ABC: An in-depth look at the quality of life for children in North Texas
Houston: Post Harvey Downtown Masterplan
Resource Urbanisms: Asia’s divergent city models of Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Hong Kong
Economic Assessment of the Dallas Park System
Uber inks deal with NASA to put air taxis in skies over Dallas, Dubai, Los Angeles by 2020 - Dallas Business Journal
Bombshell Report Reveals DART’s System-wide Inadequacy
The Line Between Cities and Suburbs is Blurring
Transportation Equity and Access to Opportunity for Transit-Dependent Population in Dallas
Economic Benefits of Affordable Housing
Buildable Lands
Why Is Affordable Housing So Expensive To Build?
Workforce Housing Grabs Investor Interest
Inclusive Growth
Multimodal Planning at the Megaregional Scale
New Affordable Housing Fund
The Urban Revival Is Over
How a Texas Innovation Hub is Eliminating Socioeconomic Disparities in Health
Remaking Greater Los Angeles As A Transit-Oriented Region
John Rossant
Anti-gentrification Efforts
Do we really need a billion parking spaces?
Dallas Zoning Codes
Codes Study: Trends in Zoning Reform
Small Business Growth
How To Create More Workforce Housing
Developers and construction firms team up for new homeless and counseling center
*This article describes a volunteer model that could be tweaked and applied to affordable housing projects.
We set up low-income students to fail, and it's costing Dallas billions of dollars
This article has good background on affordable housing in Dallas
The Recipe for success in Southern Dallas
Can TOYOTA solve North Texas' Mobility Issues?
The other side of the 'Texas miracle'
City of Dallas Land bank program: Despite misguided delays, Dallas City Council must step up to fix land bank
Urban Design Task Force: "Filling The Voids In The Downtown Experience"
*Site design standards will assist with this.
Education and the Technology Economy (Innovative Communities Task Force; DEC)
Innovation Districts (Innovative Communities Task Force; DEC)
City (Dallas) Must Gentrify In A Way That Doesn’t Displace Long-Time Residents:
(Use development generated funds to fund affordable, mixed income residential development.)
How to use Red Bird Mall blueprint to bridge Dallas' north-south gap
High Speed Rail Corridor/Land Use Planning
LAN consulting firm chosen for bullet train station study in Dallas