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About The Director

About The Director

Mike Grace, the Director of Unincorporated Area Services (DUAS), is responsible for developing, implementing, guiding, and managing the department’s operational framework.

In addition to inter-departmental collaboration, extra-territorial agreements, and inter-jurisdictional coordination between Dallas County and various municipalities, he is responsible for developing initiatives and partnerships focused on unincorporated areas of Dallas County.

His experience includes but is not limited to 20 years-experience in civic engagement, local government, land entitlement, business and operational development and management, process improvement, public policy advocacy and regulatory enforcement.

Notable accomplishments include:

  • President’s Award - Greater Dallas Planning Council
  • Partnership Award – Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference
  • One of only 50 individuals selected worldwide to participate in the Purpose City Summit held in Dallas, Texas
  • Selected among 300 individuals worldwide to participate in the New Cities Summit held in Dallas, Texas


  • Vice President of Scholarships, Executive Committee, & Board of Directors: The Texas Lyceum
  • Vice President of Issues, Executive Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, & Board of Directors: Greater Dallas Planning Council
  • President: Tax Increment Finance District Board #1 – City of Duncanville
  • Board of Directors: Trinity Commons Foundation
  • Board of Directors: Trinity Waters
  • Member: Duncanville Community Multicultural Commission - City of Duncanville
  • Member: Planning and Zoning Commission – City of Duncanville
  • D Academy (D Magazine’s Leadership Academy)

Other Notable Engagements:

  • D2 Working Group (Greater Dallas Planning Council & DART
  • CityMAP Working Group (Greater Dallas Planning Council)
  • Urban Design Awards Committee (Greater Dallas Planning Council)
  • Urban Design Awards Jury (Greater Dallas Planning Council)
  • Cedar Valley College: Sustainable Communities Institute

Additionally, his experience includes work with civic groups, community colleges and universities, developers, land development review, local governmental agencies of various sizes, non-profits, Tax Increment Finance Districts, etc.

Mike, certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners, is a Dallas native with a vast local, state, national and international network and holds a Master’s degree in Regional and City Planning, a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and an Economic Development Certificate from the University of Oklahoma’s highly regarded Economic Development Institute.