Opioid Response Grant and Pre-Trial Diversion Assessments

Opioid Response Grant

The Criminal Justice Department is in partnership with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office on the Opioid Response Grant. The Opioid Response Grant is funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the Texas State Office of the Governor. It is estimated that approximately 7,000 inmates entering the Dallas County Jail each year are in need of detox from opioid use. The goal of this grant is to provide screenings and assessments to help link defendants to treatment in the community where applicable, specifically, with a goal to refer and aid in linkage of defendants to Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT). This project will address ongoing opioid use to aid in treatment response and community stabilization and address gaps in the process for defendants between entry into the jail and their release back into the community.

Pre-trial Diversion Assessments

The Criminal Justice Department is also partnering with the Dallas County District Attorney’s office on assisting with providing risk and need assessments for defendants who are eligible for pre-trial diversion specialty courts or programs. The goal is to establish a standardized process and assessment to link defendants to opportunities for diversion, to provide the potential opportunity for case expunction, and to identify cases early in the justice system process. This robust referral process will focus on first-time, non-violent offenders. The Criminal Justice Department will provide a risk and need assessment on an eligible defendants in order to provide recommendations for treatment and programming. 

For additional information on either of these program, please contact JailDiversion@dallascounty.org.

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