Crisis Services Project(CSP)

Lonely Man

Crisis Services Project (CSP) is a Texas 1115 Medicaid Waiver DSRIP Project that works to ensure all Dallas County jail inmates with a suspected or confirmed mental health diagnosis are identified, assessed, and have coordinated care to community-based services when released. CSP is measured on its ability to improve Texas health care delivery systems and earns federal matched funding by meeting established program and outcome metrics.

CSP is governed by the Dallas County Behavioral Health Leadership Team (BHLT).

CSP is committed in spend 100% of the matched funds to improve client outcomes and behavioral health delivery system in Dallas County.

Current Funding Initiatives

  • Forensic Diversion Unit (FDU)
  • Transicare

Goals of the CSP 

  • Reduce CSP client criminal justice readmissions
  • Reduce CSP client need for higher levels of care (i.e. emergency rooms, psychiatric hospitals, EMS, etc.)