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Crisis Services Project

Crisis Services Project

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Crisis Services Project (CSP) is a Texas 1115 Medicaid Waiver DSRIP Project that works to ensure all Dallas County jail inmates with a suspected or confirmed mental health diagnosis are identified, assessed, and have coordinated care to community-based services when released. CSP is measured on its ability to improve Texas health care delivery systems and earns federal matched funding by meeting established program and outcome metrics. CSP is governed by the Dallas County Behavioral Health Leadership Team (BHLT).

The goals of CSP are to:

  • Reduce CSP client criminal justice readmissions
  • Reduce CSP client need for higher levels of care (i.e. emergency rooms, psychiatric hospitals, EMS, etc.)

Successes of CSP:

  • Consistent metric achievement has resulted in over $18 million dollasrs in match funds
  • Since 2013, CSP served 18,000 unique clients
  • Reduced clients' jail recidivism from 31% in 2014 to 28% in 2016
  • Crisis costs were better contained in behavioral health delivery system
  • Drastically improved connection rates to prescriber for clients released from misdemeanor forensic competency restoration at Terrell State Hospital

CSP is committed to spending 100% of matched funds to improving client outcomes and the behavioral health delivery system in Dallas County. CSP currently funds the following initiatives:

  • Forensic Diversion Unit (FDU)

    CSP funds and oversees the Forensic Diversion Unit (FDU).  FDU provides intensive behavioral health services to an average daily census of forty-six (46) individuals. The FDU follows the assertive community treatment (ACT) model in the provision of services.  CSP currently contracts with Metrocare Services to provide FDU services. 

  • Cottages at Hickory Crossing

    CSP funds behavioral health services to the occupants of the Cottages, a fifty-unit permanent supportive housing development for indigent, homeless, and mentally ill residents of Dallas County. CSP funds the total cost of behavioral health services at the housing facility, which are delivered by Metrocare Services.

  • Salvation Army Transitional Housing

    CSP currently funds twenty (20) transitional housing beds at Salvation Army for CSP and Dallas County Specialty Court clients.