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Contract Services

Contract Services

Adapt Community Solutions

Adapt Community Solutions

Adapt Community Solutions provides 24/7 Crisis Hotline and Mobile Crisis Outreach services (MCOT). Adapt works closely with law enforcement, hospitals, social service agencies, schools, mental health agencies and substance abuse providers to ensure that individuals in crises receive the intervention most appropriate to address their needs.

Crisis Hotline and Mobile Crisis Outreach services (MCOT) can be reached at 866-260-8000

Adapt Community Solutions is also a key player in the Crisis Services Project, which provides diversion and continuity of care for public sector consumers in the Dallas County Jail and Dallas area psychiatric emergency departments. Since September 2013, through the 1115 Project, ACS has triaged, provided case assignment, assessments, continuity of care and discharge planning for inmates of Dallas County Jail and Dallas area psychiatric emergency departments. This is contracted with Dallas County and funded via the 1115 Medicaid Transformation Waiver.

The Crisis Services Project can be reached at 214-761-1300.

Transicare Inc.

Transicare, Inc

Transicare, Inc. was created in 2004 with a belief that many of the continuity of care needs of behavioral health consumers leave them vulnerable to falling through the cracks. Beginning with specialized transportation as an alternative to law enforcement or ambulance assisted transport, Transicare has developed additional services targeting the behavioral health needs of consumers transitioning from higher levels of care and forensic settings. Central to all of our services is our commitment to finding creative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of those we serve.

Services range from specialized community-based intensive case management for higher level of care and forensic populations, specialized transportation, disaster response, and oversight of civil commitments for the Local Mental Health Authority. Staffing is composed of professionals that include RNs, LPHAs & QMHPs and Certified Peers in recovery from mental illness, substance abuse, and criminal justice involvement.

Recently Transicare and Integrated Psychotherapeutic Services (IPS) forged a unique partnership, introducing a forensically specialized system of outpatient healthcare to Dallas County’s indigent behavioral health market capable of maintaining provider competition and the choice necessary to drive continued improvements to patient care quality. This endeavor is principally defined by the implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP), informed risk / need / responsively (RNR) standards of care. The centerpiece of this affiliation is the formation of an enhanced Forensic Assertive Community Treatment team (FACT).

For more information, contact Transicare by calling 214-342-5800 or e-mailing admin@transicareinc.com.