Map to Home Chemical Collection Center

Home Chemical Collection Center - 11234 Plano Road, Dallas, TX 75243
Phone: (214) 553-1765


The Home Chemical Collection Center is located in Dallas at 11234 Plano Rd., one mile north of 635. The facility is the first building past the railroad tracks on the east side of the street (See MAPSCO 28-A). The building is easily identified by its white color and bright turquoise trim.

Residents of participating cities will not be charged for dropping off wastes if they present a current driver's license and utility bill to verify current address in the city.

The Home Chemical Collection Center accepts only household waste such as paint, pesticides and yard chemicals, pool chemicals, motor oil and other automotive fluids, cleaners, glues and other hobby products, fluorescent light tubes, batteries, etc. Items not accepted include business waste, common trash and recyclables, radioactive materials, explosives, ammunition, or bio-medical waste. For information on how to dispose of unacceptable materials, contact your city or call (214) 553-1765.

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