Bail Bond Board

Welcome to the Dallas County Bail Bond Board

Frank Crowley Courts Building - 133 N. Riverfront Boulevard, LB – 31, Dallas, TX 75207
Telephone: (214) 653-2756 • (214) 653-2757 • (214) 653-5807 • Fax: (214) 712-5009

The Dallas County Bail Bond Board (DCBBB) serves as a regulating authority over sureties in Dallas County following Chapter 1704 of the Texas Occupations Code. The purpose of the DCBBB is to monitor and facilitate the operations of the bail bonding business in Dallas County. Administrative staff are assigned to maintain bond accounts, along with various other bond related tasks. There is also an investigator who performs background checks on all bond companies and investigates complaints regarding sureties in Dallas County.  A legal advisor also provides legal advice to the DCBBB.