Justices of the Peace

Records Building500 Elm Street, Suite 4200, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: (214) 653-6472  • Fax: (214)-653-6471
Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The County Auditor in the course of continuous routine examination of Dallas County records has examined the records and reports of the Justices of the Peace in accordance with Local Government Code Subchapter A.  Our review included testing internal controls for cash, disbursements, revenue and other county assets.  The review is intended to support management in evaluating internal controls over financial issues and compliance with regulatory guidelines.  Reports issued on or after October 1, 2010 include:

Precinct 1, Place 1IssuedOfficialReport
FY20-FY21 Statutory06/01/2022Honorable Judge Thomas G. Jonesacrobat
FY20 Statutory (Added to FY21 Due to COVID19)06/01/2022Honorable Judge Thomas G. Jones
FY19 Statutory02/25/2021Honorable Judge Thomas G. Jonesacrobat
FY18 Statutory07/18/2019Honorable Judge Thomas G. Jonesacrobat
FY16-17 Statutory05/18/2018Honorable Judge Thomas G. Jonesacrobat
FY14-15 Statutory05/19/2017Honorable Judge Thomas G. Jonesacrobat
FY12-13 Statutory11/03/2014Honorable Judge Thomas G. Jonesacrobat
FY11 Statutory09/21/2012Honorable Judge Thomas G. Jonesacrobat
FY10 Statutory02/29/2012Honorable Judge Thomas G. Jonesacrobat
FY09 Statutory03/11/2011Honorable Judge Thomas G. Jonesacrobat
Precinct 1, Place2IssuedOfficialReport
FY20 Statutory (Added to FY21 Due to COVID19)In ProcessHonorable Judge Valencia Nash
FY19 Statutory02/22/2021Honorable Judge Valencia Nashacrobat
FY18 Statutory08/23/2019Honorable Judge Valencia Nashacrobat
FY16-17 Statutory04/09/2018Honorable Judge Valencia Nashacrobat
FY16 Statutory09/08/2016Honorable Judge Valencia Nashacrobat
FY14-15 Statutory04/10/2017Honorable Judge Valencia Nashacrobat
FY12-13 Statutory10/13/2014Honorable Judge Valencia Nashacrobat
FY11 Statutory03/16/2012Honorable Judge Valencia Nashacrobat
FY10 Statutory09/20/2011Honorable Judge Valencia Nashacrobat
FY09 Statutory02/24/2011Honorable Judge Valencia Nashacrobat
Precinct 2, Place 1IssuedOfficialReport
FY21 Statutory08/19/2022Honorable Judge Margaret O'Brienacrobat
FY20 Statutory05/14/2021Honorable Judge Margaret O'Brienacrobat
FY19 Statutory08/02/2020Honorable Judge Margaret O'Brienacrobat
FY18 Statutory06/03/2019Honorable Judge Margaret O'Brienacrobat
FY16-FY17 Statutory07/02/2018Honorable Judge Brian Hutchesonacrobat
FY15 Statutory08/01/2017Honorable Judge Brian Hutchesonacrobat
FY13-FY14 Statutory07/08/2016Honorable Judge John Sholdenacrobat
FY12 Statutory03/29/2013Honorable Judge Gerry Cooperacrobat
FY11 Statutory09/12/2012Honorable Judge Gerry Cooperacrobat
FY10 Statutory02/09/2012Honorable Judge Gerry Cooperacrobat
Precinct 2, Place 2IssuedOfficialReport
FY20 Statutory11/04/2021Honorable Judge KaTina Whitfieldacrobat
FY19 Statutory12/29/2020Honorable Judge KaTina Whitfieldacrobat
FY18 Statutory0603/2019Honorable Judge KaTina Whitfieldacrobat
FY16-17 Statutory09/10/2018Honorable Judge Bill Metzgeracrobat
FY15 Statutory09/29/2017Honorable Judge Bill Metzgeracrobat
FY12-14 Statutory03/26/2015Honorable Judge Bill Metzgeracrobat
FY11 Statutory12/28/2012Honorable Judge Michael D. Windhamacrobat
FY10 Statutory01/21/2011Honorable Judge Michael D. Windhamacrobat
Precinct 3, Place 1IssuedOfficialReport
FY20 Statutory (Added to FY21 Due to COVID19)In ProcessHonorable Judge Albert Cercone
FY19 Statutory11/20/2020Honorable Judge Albert Cerconeacrobat
FY18 Statutory11/15/2019Honorable Judge Albert Cerconeacrobat
FY16-FY17 Statutory01/14/2019Honorable Judge Albert Cerconeacrobat
FY16 Statutory09/08/2016Honorable Judge Albert Cerconeacrobat
FY14-FY15 Statutory08/01/2017Honorable Judge Albert Cerconeacrobat
FY12-FY13 Statutory09/19/2014Honorable Judge Albert Cerconeacrobat
FY10-FY11 Statutory03/06/2013Honorable Judge Albert Cerconeacrobat
MAY09 Statutory04/01/2011Honorable Judge Albert Cerconeacrobat
Precinct 3, Place 2IssuedOfficialReport
FY20 Statutory (Added to FY21 Due to COVID19)In ProcessHonorable Judge Steven Seider
FY19 Statutory03/18/2021Honorable Judge Steven Seideracrobat
FY18 Statutory11/04/2019Honorable Judge Steven Seideracrobat
FY16-FY2017 Statutory12/05/2018Honorable Judge Steven Seideracrobat
FY16 Statutory09/08/2016Honorable Judge Steven Seideracrobat
FY15 Statutory10/25/2017Honorable Judge Steven Seideracrobat
FY13-FY14 Statutory06/28/2016Honorable Judge Steven Seideracrobat
FEB11-MAR13 Statutory04/18/2014Honorable Judge Steven Seideracrobat
FY10 Statutory09/22/2011Honorable Judge Sandra Ellisacrobat
FY09 Statutory10/28/2010Honorable Judge Sandra Ellisacrobat
Precinct 3, Place 3IssuedOfficialFormat*
FY09 - JAN11 Statutory02/10/2012Honorable Judge Steven Seideracrobat
FY03 - DEC08 Statutory03/05/2010Honorable Judge Steven Seideracrobat
Precinct 4, Place 1IssuedOfficialReport
FY20 Statutory12/22/2021Honorable Judge Michael Jones Jr.acrobat
FY19 Statutory02/12/2020Honorable Judge Michael Jones Jr.acrobat
FY18 Statutory05/09/2019Honorable Judge Michael Jones Jr.acrobat
FY16-17 Statutory11/09/2018Honorable Judge Norris Rideauxacrobat
FY16 Statutory09/09/2016Honorable Judge Norris Rideauxacrobat
FY14-FY15 Statutory08/18/2017Honorable Judge Norris Rideauxacrobat
FY13 Statutory01/12/2015Honorable Judge Norris Rideauxacrobat
FY11 - FY12 Statutory08/20/2013Honorable Judge Norris Rideauxacrobat
FY10 Statutory01/21/2011Honorable Judge Norris Rideauxacrobat
FY08 - FY09 Statutory10/01/2010Honorable Judge Michael Pettyacrobat
Precinct 4, Place 2IssuedOfficialReport
FY20 Statutory02/08/2022Honorable Judge Sasha Morenoacrobat
FY19 Statutory11/09/2020Honorable Judge Sasha Morenoacrobat
FY18 Statutory07/03/2019Honorable Judge Sasha Morenoacrobat
FY16 - FY17 Statutory12/05/2018Honorable Judge Katy Hubeneracrobat
FY16 Statutory09/09/2016Honorable Judge Katy Hubeneracrobat
FY15 Statutory10/25/2017Honorable Judge Katy Hubeneracrobat
FY13 - FY14 Statutory02/05/2016Honorable Judge Katy Hubeneracrobat
FY11 - FY12 Statutory10/25/2013Honorable Judge Katy Hubeneracrobat
FY10 Statutory12/31/2010Honorable Judge Katy Hubeneracrobat
Precinct 5, Place 1IssuedOfficialReport
FY20 Statutory08/17/2021Honorable Judge Sara Martinezacrobat
FY19 Statutory10/13/2020Honorable Judge Sara Martinezacrobat
FY18 Statutory09/20/2019Honorable Judge Sara Martinezacrobat
FY16 - FY17 Statutory10/04/2018Honorable Judge Sara Martinezacrobat
FY16 Statutory09/09/2016Honorable Judge Sara Martinezacrobat
FY15 Statutory09/14/2017Honorable Judge Sara Martinezacrobat
FY12 - FY14 Statutory01/22/2015Honorable Judge Sara Martinezacrobat
FY11 Statutory02/29/2012Honorable Judge Sandra Ellisacrobat
FY08 - FY10 Statutory01/12/2011Honorable Judge Carlos Medranoacrobat
Precinct 5, Place 2IssuedOfficialReport
FY20 Statutory11/04/2021Honorable Judge Juan Jassoacrobat
FY19 Statutory12/20/2019Honorable Judge Juan Jassoacrobat
FY18 Statutory12/20/2019Honorable Judge Juan Jassoacrobat
FY16 - FY17 Statutory10/30/2018Honorable Judge Juan Jassoacrobat
FY15 Statutory09/01/2017Honorable Judge Juan Jassoacrobat
FY14 Statutory03/27/2017Honorable Judge Juan Jassoacrobat
FY16 Statutory09/09/2016Honorable Judge Juan Jassoacrobat
JUL12 - FY13 Statutory02/04/2013Honorable Judge Juan Jassoacrobat
JUL10 - FY11 Statutory05/30/2014Honorable Judge Juan Jassoacrobat
FY09 - JUN10 Statutory03/16/2011Honorable Judge Juan Jassoacrobat