Records Building500 Elm Street, Suite 4200, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: (214) 653-6472  • Fax: (214)-653-6471
Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The County Auditor in the course of continuous routine examination of Dallas County records has examined the records and reports of the Dallas County Sheriff in accordance with Local Government Code Subchapter A.  Our review included testing internal controls for cash, disbursements, revenue and other county assets.  The review is intended to support management in evaluating internal controls over financial issues and compliance with regulatory guidelines.  Reports issued on or after October 1, 2010 include:

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Report DescriptionIssuedDepartment HeadReport
FY21‐ Sheriff Inmate Trust Fund (Special Audit)10/15/2021Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY21 Clean Air State Forfeiture Audit01/06/2022Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY20 Clean Air State Forfeiture Audit12/11/2020Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY19 Clean Air State Forfeiture Audit10/25/2019Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY18 Clean Air State Forfeiture Audit01/18/2019Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY17 Clean Air State Forfeiture Audit10/26/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY16 Clean Air State Forfeiture Audit05/25/2016Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY15 Clean Air State Forfeiture Audit01/25/2016Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY14 Clean Air State Forfeiture Audit12/30/2014Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY19-20 Statutory Audit09/28/2021Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY18 Statutory Audit10/13/2020Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY16-17 Statutory Audit09/14/2018Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY15 Statutory Audit06/14/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY12-14 Statutory Audit10/29/2015Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY10-11 Statutory Audit09/11/2012Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY08-09 Statutory Audit01/09/2012Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY21 Federal Forfeiture Audit12/29/2021Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY21 State Forfeiture Audit1/6/2022Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY20 Federal Forfeiture Audit12/11/2020Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY20 State Forfeiture Audit12/11/2020Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY19 Federal Forfeiture Audit11/04/2019Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY19 State Forfeiture Audit11/04/2019Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY18 Federal Forfeiture Audit02/08/2019Honorable Marian Brown acrobat
FY18 State Forfeiture Audit02/08/2019Honorable Marian Brown acrobat
FY17 Federal Forfeiture Audit11/02/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY17 State Forfeiture Audit11/02/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY16 Federal Forfeiture Audit06/09/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY16 State Forfeiture Audit06/09/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY15 State Forfeiture Audit01/26/2016Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY14 Federal Forfeiture Audit11/07/2014Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY14 State Forfeiture Audit11/07/2014Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY21 Jail Expenditures12/07/2021Brandon Woodacrobat
FY20 Jail Expenditures11/30/2020Brandon Woodacrobat
FY19 Jail Expenditures12/12/2019Brandon Woodacrobat
FY18 Jail Expenditures 02/01/2019 Brandon Woodacrobat
FY17 Jail Expenditures01/05/2018Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY16 Jail Expenditures03/03/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY15 Jail Expenditures12/31/2015Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY14 Jail Expenditures12/31/2014Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY13 Jail Expenditures03/18/2014Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY12 Jail Expenditures06/12/2013Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY11 Jail Expenditures12/15/2011Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY10 Jail Expenditures12/31/2010Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY21 Print Shop Inventory11/09/2021Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY20 Print Shop Inventory11/11/2020Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY19 Print Shop Inventory10/25/2019Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY18 Print Shop Inventory10/04/2018Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY17 Print Shop Inventory10/02/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY16 Print Shop Inventory10/10/2016Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY15 Print Shop Inventory10/1/2015Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY14 Print Shop Inventory10/3/2014Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY13 Print Shop Inventory10/8/2013Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY12 Print Shop Inventory12/28/2012Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY21 Photo Lab Inventory11/09/2021Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY20 Photo Lab Inventory11/11/2020Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY19 Photo Lab Inventory10/25/2019Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY18 Photo Lab Inventory10/04/2018Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY17 Photo Lab Inventory10/03/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY16 Photo Lab Inventory10/10/2016Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY15 Photo Lab Inventory10/01/2011Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY14 Photo Lab Inventory10/13/2014Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY13 Photo Lab Inventory09/20/2013Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY12 Photo Lab Inventory12/20/2012Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY11 Photo Lab Inventory10/18/2011Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY10 Photo Lab Inventory10/07/2010Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY2019 Bail Bond05/16/2019Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY16-17 Bond Audit08/09/2018Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY18 Property & Evidence 03/18/2019Honorable Marian Brownacrobat
FY2017 Bail Bond & Property11/28/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY12-13 Evidence-Property10/25/2013Lupe Valdezacrobat
Jail Commissary ReportsIssuedDepartment HeadReport
FY22 Q2 05/25/2022Brandon Woodacrobat
FY22 Q1 03/30/2022Brandon Woodacrobat
FY21 Q4 12/07/2021Brandon Woodacrobat
FY21 Q3 09/15/2021Brandon Woodacrobat
FY21 Q2 06/25/2021Brandon Woodacrobat
FY21 Q1 04/02/2021Brandon Woodacrobat
FY20 Q411/30/2020 Brandon Woodacrobat
FY20 Q309/18/2020 Brandon Woodacrobat
FY20 Q2 09/11/2020Brandon Woodacrobat
FY20 Q1 08/14/2020Brandon Woodacrobat
FY19 Q412/12/2019Brandon Woodacrobat
FY19 Q310/31/2019Brandon Woodacrobat
FY19 Q206/14/2019Brandon Woodacrobat
FY19 Q103/18/2019Brandon Woodacrobat
FY18 Q401/28/2019Brandon Woodacrobat
FY18 Q310/12/2018Marian Brownacrobat
FY18 Q209/14/2018Marian Brownacrobat
FY18 Q105/30/2018Marian Brownacrobat
FY17 Q412/05/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY17 Q309/15/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY17 Q208/08/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY17 Q108/08/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY16 Q403/03/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY16 Q302/28/2017Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY16 Q209/13/2016Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY16 Q104/29/2016Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY15 Q412/30/2015Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY15 Q38/07/2015Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY15 Q26/05/2015Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY15 Q15/04/2015Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY14 Q412/31/2014Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY14 Q309/29/2014Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY14 Q103/21/2014Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY13 Q403/18/2014Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY13 Q309/30/2013Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY13 Q205/17/2013Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY13 Q103/14/2013Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY12 Q411/12/2012Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY12 Q307/31/2012Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY12 Q205/16/2012Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY12 Q102/17/2012Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY11 Q3 - Q410/26/2011Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY11 Q207/06/2011Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY11 Q103/11/2011Lupe Valdezacrobat
FY10 Q412/30/2010Lupe Valdezacrobat