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Fiscal Years 2010 to Present

Per Government Code § 552.003(1)(B) Information "collected, assembled, or maintained by or for the judiciary" is not subject to the (Public Information) Act but, instead, is "governed by rules adopted by the Supreme Court of Texas or by other applicable laws and rules." Therefore the Office of the County Auditor no longer provides Attorney Payment Activity online.  This information is the purview of the presiding Judge of the courts.

Per Open Records Ruling Letter OR2017-14683 (June 30, 2017): “Based on your representations and our review, we conclude the requested information consists of judicial records, and we understand these records are held by the auditor's office acting as an agent of the judiciary. Thus, the submitted information is not subject to the Act and the auditor's office is not required to release it in response to the requests for information.”

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