Retirement Benefits Information

Retirement Benefits Information

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Two Opportunities to Save for Retirement!

Texas County and District Retirement System Program

Dallas County employees participate in the Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS). TCDRS currently has assets of over $16 billion and handles the retirement program for Texas counties and special districts. The program is mandatory for all full-time and some part-time employees of Dallas County.

Contemplating Retirement - Active Employee

  • Visit and select “Retiree” from the top menu for information about all retiree health benefits and other information.
  • Visit with Human Resources/Civil Service about retiree health insurance options before you retire and keep them up-to-date regarding your retirement plans.
  • The Treasurer’s office does not manage your retiree health benefits. You must contact Human Resources/Civil Service or you cannot enroll.

Contemplating Retirement - Eligibility

  • To be eligible for employer contribution to your retiree medical coverage, you (the retiree) must be vested with TCDRS and have a total of 10 years full-time, active employee service at Dallas County.
  • Part-time does not count.
  • Work performed for other employers (including other PEBC groups) does not count.
  • Prior service credits do not count.

You must have 10 years of Dallas County service to enroll in any group plan and currently in Dallas County health plan.

For additional Information, visit the Dallas County Treasurer's page - Retirement Benefits Information:

  • Select the Texas County and District Retirement System link.


Deferred Compensation Program

Dallas County offers a Deferred Compensation Program, Nationwide Retirement Solutions, a 457 plan. Deferred Compensation allows you (the employee) to enroll in a supplemental retirement program with an array of professionally managed investment options from which you can select. This program is optional for Dallas County employees

For additional information, Retirement Benefits Information:

  • Select the Dallas County Deferred Compensation Program – Nationwide Retirement Solutions


More Helpful Links to Retirement Benefits Information:

  • Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS) -


Per TCDRS, the HELPS Program is ending effective October 31, 2023. No new enrollments into the HELPS program will be accepted going forward. Dallas County Retirees currently enrolled in the HELPS program will see their last HELPS deduction on 11/30/23, which will pay their December premium. All HELPS retirees must begin making payments on their own effective January 2024. TCDRS is dropping the program. Unfortunately, the 2024 Retiree Enrollment Guides have already been printed with language that says the HELPS program is staying the same. There will be an additional communications/mailings from UnitedHealthcare, TCDRS and PEBC confirming the ending of the HELPS program and providing directive on how retirees will need to move to direct bill options through UnitedHealthcare effective January 2024.