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Grievance Process - Juvenile Employees ONLY

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Grievance Process - Juvenile Employees ONLY

You must file the grievance with your appropriate level of management within seven (7) calendar days, with a copy sent to Juvenile Human Resources. Failure to file with the next level of management could render your grievance null and void. If you are unsure where to file, please contact Juvenile Human Resources at (214) 698-2295 or Helen.Taylor@dallascounty.org.



Please follow instructions below to file a grievance.

  1. Click here to download and save the the Juvenile Grievance Form to your computer.
  2. Complete all sections of the Juvenile Grievance Form digitally in Word.
  3. Then save and print a hard copy. 
  4. Please hand sign your name in all "Employee's Signature" sections.
  5. Scan and e-mail completed Juvenile Grievance Form to the next appropriate level of management and copy Helen.Taylor@dallascounty.org to Juvenile Human Resources.
  6. Please include a copy of the Statement of Corrective Action or Disciplinary Document that was presented to you within the last 7 calendar days.