Grievance Process

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Filing a Civil Service Grievance Appeal

Who can file a formal civil service grievance?

  • Any category “C” or “D” regular, full-time civil service employee may process an employment grievance.
  • Any category “C” or “D” probationary civil service employee may file a grievance except for those related to his/her performance rating or dismissal.

On what grounds can I file a grievance?

You may file a grievance in one or more categories as identified in Section 86-1003(a). Click here to download the form.

  • Termination, Demotion, Suspension, or Decrease in Pay.

On what grounds can I file an Application for Discretionary Review?

You may file an Application for Discretionary Review in one or more categories as identified in Section 86-1003(b). Click here to download the form.

  • Improper application of rules, regulations and procedures;
  • Unfair treatment, including retaliation;
  • Discrimination because of race, religion, color, creed, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or political affiliation;
  • Improper application of fringe benefits or improper working conditions;

When filing an Application for Discretionary Review, an applicant MUST provide:

  • Files an application in accordance with the deadlines in Sec 86-1004(a);
  • Certifies that the matter has provided through the chain of command and it was not resolved administratively by the department and attaches any written determination of the department’s actions;
  • Attaches a completed grievance form;
  • Sets forth, in specific detail, how he/she has been actually harmed in a tangible way, i.e., suffered some actual damages(s). (“Actual damage” means a loss of injury that has actually occurred.); and
  • Seeks an appropriate remedy within the Civil Service Commission authority.

How do I file a formal grievance?

  • Grievances must be filed in writing, preferably using the Formal Grievance Form, within seven (7) calendar days from the event, and/or from the date of notification of disciplinary action (exclusive of holidays), unless this is beyond the control of the employee.
  • Termination and disciplinary action grievances should be filed initially with the first level of supervision above the employee’s supervisor who caused the action, with a copy to the county Human Resources/Civil Service department.
  • All other grievances should be initially filed with the employee’s immediate supervisor.

Downloadable Form and Procedure Policy: