Employee Relations Forms

Employee Relations Forms

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ADA Accommodation Forms:

For ADA Accommodation questions, please contact Sedgwick Absence Management at 1-888-436-9530 or visit https://timeoff.yorkrisk.com/.

If you have policy related questions, please contact your HR Representative.

Catastrophic Vacation and Sick Leave Forms:

Complaint Report:

Employment Forms (Chapter 86):

Grievance Forms:

Notice of Separation Form:

Record of Counseling Form:

Religious Accommodation Form:

Statement of Corrective Action Forms:

Temporary Employee Request Form:

Work Schedule Forms (Chapter 82-32):


Click here to view Dallas County’s Corrective Action Model and Related Forms.

Click here to check out the Dallas County’s new policy on Employee Investigations. For guidelines on conducting an internal investigation, click here.

Click here to learn more about attaining Work/Life Balance.

Click here for procedures on filing a grievance, the grievance form and the complete grievance policy.

Includes most recent, court ordered changes

Chapter 82
Personnel Benefits, Payroll, and Compensation

Chapter 86
Personnel and Employment