Pay and Compensation

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Welcome to Dallas County’s Compensation Section

Dallas County recognizes that employees drive the success of the county. Employees bring new ideas, new thinking and new strategies for conducting business. They serve our customers, build roads, help the needy, work to save and build lives, administer justice, and provide protection for our citizens.

Dallas County administration realizes that to attract the very best employees to perform these functions, we must offer a total compensation package that includes competitive salaries, a full complement of benefits and employee work/life support services designed to keep our employees motivated, healthy, loyal, and dedicated to making a difference in their community. Every day.

The compensation system is implemented by the Human Resources/Civil Service department with policy oversight by Dallas County Commissioners Court, Dallas County Civil Service Commission, and the Sheriff’s Department Civil Service Commission.

The Commissioners Court establishes the compensation philosophy in Dallas County and reviews it during the annual budget cycle. Their guiding principles are:

  • To pay competitive salaries;
  • To reward outstanding job performance;
  • To ensure internal equity;
  • To achieve and maintain consistency, equity and fairness in evaluating positions;
  • To administer the pay and benefit programs without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, political affiliation, or any other non-job-related characteristic; and
  • To administer financially sound compensation programs.