Human Resources

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Dallas County Human Resources/Civil Service Office

Records Building - 500 Elm Street, Suite 4100, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: (214) 653-7638 • Fax: (214) 653-7608

Who are we?

Dallas County is the second most populated county in Texas, accountable for two million residents spread over 30 municipalities. With more than 6500 employees ~ 350 different job titles across 150 departments ~ we hire over 1500 men and women each year and we are continuously recruiting.

What do we do?

Our purpose is to make a difference in the community, to make Dallas County a better, safer, and more enjoyable place to live. And it’s our employees who make that happen. Working primarily within justice administration, health and social services, juvenile services, transportation, and law enforcement, they serve in positions as diverse as clerk, administrative assistant, accountant, attorney, physician, nurse, case worker, engineer, IT professional, maintenance technician, mechanic, heavy equipment operator, law enforcement officer, teacher, trainer, supervisor, and manager, to name only a few.

What do we have to offer you?

Challenging opportunities to serve your community and make a difference, a diverse and dynamic work environment, plus a full range of benefits; including competitive pay, professional development opportunities, health and dental insurance, vacation, holidays, sick, and military leave time, a retirement program, and more.

What can you bring to us?

In order to meet tomorrow’s changing realities, we are constantly seeking outstanding employees who can help us improve our systems, processes, and technologies ~ today. Employees who can bring us new ideas, new thinking, and new ways of doing business.

Our invitation to you…
Join us. Make a difference. Every Day.