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Victim Advocates

Frank Crowley Courts Building - 133 N. Riverfront Boulevard, LB 19, Dallas, TX 75207
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Family Violence has an alarming presence in Dallas County, and while new initiatives and community organizations have made progress in stopping the cycle, there is still work to be done. Our Office believes that even one person harmed in an act of Family Violence is one too many.

For many reasons, a significant amount of Family Violence victims choose to stay with their perpetrator and disregard past instances of violence, thereby increasing their risk of being involved in future, more serious situations. This choice is more likely to be made when the violence is no longer fresh in the mind of the victim.

That’s why the Dallas County District Attorney’s Family Violence Division has began a new initiative in 2015, to contact all victims of misdemeanor family violence assault within 3 days of the defendant being booked in to the Lew Sterrett County Jail. The hope is to gain access to victims sooner so that they can be provided with much-needed support and resources while the offense is still fresh on their minds. Additionally, many times, the perpetrator is still in jail, and the victim can speak freely about the incident without fear of influence, coercion, or even immediate retaliation. While a cooperative victim is not necessary, it is certainly ideal for successful prosecution.

The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office sees approximately 100,000 cases every year, and employs about 250 attorneys and 80 investigators, making it the 9th largest DA’s Office in the nation. However, even with so many cases, and therefore so many victims, our advocates have been able to contact almost all of the victims, and provide them with helpful information about the criminal prosecution process. Our advocates also help connect victims to resources, develop a safety plan and answer any questions they may have, effectively walking them through the complicated criminal justice system. Without our staff of talented and passionate victim advocates, we simply could not provide the level of quality prosecution that Dallas County is known for.