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Lori Ordiway - Administrative Chief

Frank Crowley Courts Building - 133 N. Riverfront Boulevard, LB 19, Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: (214) 653-3600 • Fax: (214) 653-5774

Lori OrdiwayLori Ordiway is the Chief of the Appellate Division of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. The Appellate Division includes 23 attorneys, a shared investigator, and 4 support staff.

Lori graduated Phi Beta Kappa from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in Psychology in December of 1979, and from The University of Texas School of Law with a J.D. in May of 1983. She was licensed to practice law in November of 1983.

Although Lori worked in civil litigation firms for a time, the majority of her career has been in appeals. She started in 1983 as a briefing attorney for the Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas, and continued up the ranks to research attorney and then staff attorney for that Court.

In 1992, Lori joined the Appellate Division of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, where she worked as an attorney researching and preparing hundreds of briefs in response to those filed by individuals appealing their convictions. In 1999, she was promoted to the position of Chief of the Appellate Division. As Chief, Lori managed a group of 23 full-time attorneys and 3 support staff. On several occasions, she also was a speaker at various CLEs on topics in criminal law. Lori remained in this position for eight years until she left the Office in 2007.

After leaving the Office, Lori began her own criminal appellate practice in which she researched and prepared direct appeal briefs in criminal cases. In that connection, she represented individuals appealing their convictions. On some occasions, she was appointed as attorney pro tem on appeals of cases in which the Dallas County DA’s office had a potential conflict. She also worked on a contract basis with small counties that do not have appellate specialists and assisted those DAs with their State's briefs. In addition, Lori received appointments as writ master for several Dallas County district judges, which involved reviewing the claims in the particular 11.07 application for a writ of habeas corpus filed by a convicted person and the State's response to the writ application; investigating the claims in the writ application; sometimes conducting an evidentiary hearing; performing legal research; and, ultimately, drafting findings of fact and conclusions of law for the judge who had appointed her as writ master. Further, she occasionally represented convicted persons in filing 11.07 applications for writ of habeas corpus.

In February of 2015, Lori rejoined the DA’s Office as Chief of the Appellate Division. She is excited to be back in the Office and working in the new Administration.