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Dallas County Clerk

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Administration Building - 411 Elm Street, Suite 127, Dallas, TX 75202
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Organization/Submitter/ Posting Date Meeting Date
REVISED - Dallas County Commissioners Court Meeting 6/22/2018 7/3/2018
Dallas County 2018 Community Development Block Grant & Home Program - PUBLIC HEARING 6/22/2018 7/3/2018
Dallas County IT Executive Governance Committee 6/8/2017 Second Tuesday of Each Month
ID Required for Texas Voters 4/18/2018 4/18/2019
Dallas County Elections Department Acceptable Credentials and Additional Photo ID Options for Voting in Person 4/18/2018 4/18/2019
Appraisal Review Board of Dallas County 4/9/2018 4/16/2018 through 8/31/2018
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - Trinity River Authority of Texas - Notice of Receipt of Application and intent to Obtain Water Quality Permit Amendment - Permit No. WQ0010303001 6/25/2018 7/15/2018
Buspatrol America LLC, v. American Traffic Solutions, Inc, Cause No. DC-18-06457 - Amended Notice of Hearing on Plaintiff's Rule 76a Motion to Permanently Seal Confidential Information 6/27/2018 7/25/2018
Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance and Affidavit of Judicial Notice 6/29/2018 7/29/2018
Denton County Levee Improvement District No. 1 7/3/2018 7/12/2018
The Regional Transportation Council 7/6/2018 7/12/2018

Texas Commission On Environmental Quality -

Re:  Notification of Municipal Seeting Designation Certification for the property located at Dallas Freightliner, 3034 and 3040 Irving Boulevard, Dallas, Dallas County, TX; Municipal Seeting Designation (MSD) No. 314; Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) No. 2634

7/6/2018 8/6/2018
Ryan White Planning Council of the Dallas Area  Care Coordination Ad Hoc Committee 7/9/2018 7/12/2018
DHA Housing Solutions For North Texas 7/11/2018 7/16/2018
Grand Prairie Metropolitan Utility and Reclamantion District 7/11/2018 7/18/2018
Appraisal Review Board of Dallas County 7/12/2018 7/20/2018
Needs Assesment Committee 7-13-2018 7-18-18
Dallas County Utility And Reclamation District 7-13-2018 7-18-2018
Annual Board Meeting Of Housing Options, INc. 7-13-2018 7-19-2018
Sable Permian Resources Land, LLC v. OCM Permian Holdings, L.P., and Permian Resources Leasehold Acquisitions, L.P., DC-17-08198 - Motion to Seal Public of Plaintiff's Unopposed Motion To Seal Court Records 7-13-2018 7-30-2018