Family Court Services


George Allen Sr. Courts Building . 600 Commerce Street . Suite 201 . Dallas, Texas 75202

Family Court ServicesSince 1965, Family Court Services has served the Family and Juvenile District Courts and the citizens of Dallas County by providing assessments and educational information for families involved in contested litigation and adoptions.

These assessments or Custody Evaluations (Social Studies) review the current circumstances of the family, the needs of the children, and the ability of each party to the litigation to meet the children's needs. The custody evaluation is a part of the information made available to the Court to assist in disposition of the case.

In 1982, Family Court Services began providing mediation services to help families maintain some control over decisions about their children and to minimize some of the conflict typical in litigation.

All services focus on the best interest of the child. Through the information provided to the Courts and the families, we strive to help the children whose lives have been significantly disrupted by circumstances that have led to the litigation.

Our goal is to help the children obtain a level of peace and assurance that they will still have the love and care of each parent or significant individuals in their lives. We try to help parents understand the importance of eliminating the conflict between the homes in which the children live.

This site provides information and procedures involved in initiating the various services. Answers to many of your initial questions about our services and how they might impact your family are contained in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

J. Denise Frank LMSW-IPR
Division Manager
DRO-Family Court Services