Dallas County District Clerk Felicia Pitre
Civil, Family & Juvenile Staff
600 Commerce Street. Suite 103 Dallas, Texas 75202
Telephone 214.653.7149

Maria SanchezMaria Sanchez
Civil/Family Operations Manager

Telephone 214.653.6807
Email msanchez@dallascounty.org

A 30-year veteran of the District Clerk’s Office, Maria has extensive knowledge of almost every aspect of the District Clerk’s Civil and Family Operations, including those of Juvenile, where she was previously manager. A New York native, Maria displayed the determination that has been a hallmark of her career by coming to Dallas alone as a teenager and getting employment in the District Clerk’s Office. Maria holds an AAS in Paralegalism. Her legal background, strong work ethic and leadership skills led her to steadily rise into increasingly high-level positions with the District Clerk’s Office where she is currently Manager of Civil/Family Operations. She supervised and managed the implementation of major projects in the District Clerk’s Office, including the Digital Courts Project, conversion of the court’s document management system to Odyssey DMS, implementation of the State’s Mandate for Electronic Filing, streamlining procedures and improving customer service to the general public and the legal community.

Sandra SiffordSandra Sifford
Civil/Family Assistant Manager

Telephone 214-653-6748
Email ssifford@dallascounty.org

With the Dallas County Clerk for 23 years, Sandra has a wide range and depth of experience in both criminal and civil management. With highly regarded skills in Odyssey Case Management, she plays a leading role in completing the conversion of civil and family district courts to the new digital format in the District Clerk’s office.  She also assists in every aspect of Civil/Family Courts operations.

Juvenile Operations Assistant Manager
Telephone 214.698.4910
Carla GilkeyCarla Gilkey
Civil/Tax Supervisor

Telephone 214.413.4204
Email Carla.Gilkey@dallascounty.org

Coming to us from Atlanta, GA with 12 years of managerial experience; she’s excited to make Dallas her permanent home as well as an amazing journey and  long tenure with the District Clerks Office.  Carla will display exemplary customer service along with setting new standards for the residents of Dallas County as well as creating  innovative and new solutions to the challenges of the future. Her goal is to lead her team to serve as a strategic partner to judges, peers, and the residents of Dallas County so that we may provide solutions and value added services tailored to their needs.

Danitra WilkersonDanitra Wilkerson
Family/IV-D Courts Supervisor

Telephone 214.653.7173
Email dwilkerson@dallascounty.org

In just 11 years with Dallas County, Danitra Wilkerson has risen from a file clerk and e-filing clerk to Documents Production Supervisor and then to her current position, showing willingness to learn new procedures and embrace new technology and policies in each position. As Supervisor of Family and IV-D courts, she has faced and overcome the challenge of being understaffed and facing the ever-growing backlog that situation produced. As a result of the constant struggle, morale was low among staff until Danitra took the reins and showed by example what hard work, determination and loyalty can achieve.

Shelia BradleyShelia Bradley
Documents Production Supervisor

Telephone 214.653.7049
Email sbradley@dallascounty.org

With more than two decades of experience serving Dallas County, Shelia Bradley heads what is now called Document Production. This area includes the issue and service of citations, orders to withhold income, writs, transfer of cases out of Dallas County, the preparation of court documents for appeals and other functions associated with the thousands of case documents produced both when cases are filed and when they have concluded.