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Organization/Submitter/ Posting Date Meeting Date
Dallas County Commissioners Court Meeting Agenda 8/29/2014 9/02/2014
Notice of Budget Hearing Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department 8/29/2014 9/04/2014
Dallas County IT Executive Governance Committee 10/14/2011 12/30/2014
Certification of Nominees for the November, 2014 General Election 4/24/2014 11/04/2014

North Central Texas Council Of Governments

(Blacklands Corridor Feasibility Study)

8/05/2014 9/04/2014
Motion To Seal - CAUSE NO. DC-12-04971 - Jeffery S. Mayes, Justine Ingels, Estate of Justin Clapp, Ricardo Donato, Crystal Dopkins, Cynthia Karle, Carlton Vernon, Steve Randall, Leslie Pride, and the Estate of Alfreda Mae Pride, Plaintiffs, v. Dawn Wilcox, Brian Cox, Justin Foster, Aftermath, Inc., National Organization for Victim Assistance, and CSC Product Systems, Inc., Defendants. 8/12/2014 9/15/2014
Meeting Notice - 304th and the 305th District Courts Public Hearing 8/12/2014 9/04/2014
Meeting Notice - 14th, 44th, 68th, 95th, 101st, 116th, 134th, 160th, 162nd, 191st, 192nd, 193rd, and 298th District Courts Public Hearing 8/12/2014 9/04/2014
Dallas County Commissioners Court Brief/Discussion of Matters Pertaining to IH 345 and the Downtown Dallas Corridor 8/12/2014 9/29/2014
Appraisal Review Board For The Dallas County, Texas Appraisal District 8/13/2014 4/30/2015
Dallas County Board of District Judges 8/14/2014 9/08/2014
Motion to Seal - Cause No. DC-14-04494 - 7-Eleven, Inc., Plaintiff, v. Kurt McCord, Defendant 8/18/2014 9/17/2014
Motion To Seal - No. DC-14-06055 Lone Star Temp Services, Inc. A/K/A Rockstar Staffing and Johnston Temporary Services, Inc. A/K/A Labor Source of Texas vs. 1st Combined Management Co., Inc. and Angelica Salazar 8/21/2014 9/08/2014
Notice of Hearing on Plaintiff's Unopposed Motion for Leave to File Records Under Seal Cause No. DC-13-06046 8/22/2014 9/10/2014
North Central Texas Council of Governments Transportation Public Meetings 8/22/2014




Motion to Seal - DC-14-06833 Internal Data Resources, Inc., Plaintiff, v. Dustin Minter, Brent Holder, Michael Minter and Zintek Solutions LLC, Defendants 8/25/2014 9/15/2014
City of Dallas - Notice of Public Hearing City Plan Commission Case No. Z134-243(WE) 8/26/2014 9/04/2014
City of Dallas - Notice of Public Hearing City Plan Commission Case No. Z134-268(CE) / Aviso De La Audiencia Publica Comision De Planificacion De La Ciudad De Dallas Caso No. Z134-268 (CE) 8/26/2014 9/04/2014
UPDATED Notice of Motion to Seal - No. 10-00136-F David S. Crockett and David S. Crockett and Co. (Plaintiffs./Counter-Defendants) vs. Theresa Barnett (Defendant/Counter-Plaintiff) 8/27/2014 9/12/2014
Executive Committee of the Dallas Area Ryan White Planning Council 8/27/2014 9/03/2014
Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District 8/27/2014 9/03/2014
Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees Dallas County Community College District and Richland Collegiate High School 8/29/2014 9/02/2014
Parkland - Facilities Committee Meeting of the Dallas County Hospital District 8/29/2014 9/02/2014
Parkland - Executive Session of the Dallas County Hospital District 8/29/2014 9/04/2014
REVISED - Parkland - Board of Managers Meeting of the Dallas County Hospital District 8/29/2014 9/05/2014
North Texas Tollway Authority Finance and Audit Committee Meeting 8/29/2014 9/4/2014
North Texas Tollway Authority Customer Service, Projects and Operations Committee 8/29/2014 9/4/2014
North Texas Tollway Authority Administration Committee 8/29/214 9/4/2014
North Texas Tollway Authority Legal Services Committee 8/29/2014 9/4/2014
Lancaster Municipal Utility District No. 1 8/29/2014 9/08/2014
Notice of Motion to Seal Court Records - Cause No. DC-12-14682-L Dora Ordonez, Plaintiffs, vs. State Farm Lloyds, Defendant 8/29/2014 9-17-2014