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Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday (except for Court Approved Holidays)

Organization/Submitter/ Posting Date Meeting Date
Dallas County Commissioners Court Agenda 4/18/2014 4/22/2014
Dallas County IT Executive Governance Committee 10/14/2011 12/30/2014
Dallas County 2014 Community Development Block Grant & HOME Program 4/21/2014 4/29/2014
Appraisal Review Board for the Dallas County, Texas Appraisal District Notice of Public Meeting of the Appraisal Review Board 8/08/2013 4/30/2014
Approval of Resolution Giving Notice of the Trustee Election on May 10, 2014 3/05/2014 5/10/2014
ORDINANCE NO. 3263 - An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Farmers Branch, Texas, Calling a Bond Election To Be Held Within The City, Making Provisions For The Conduct of the Election and Other Provisions Relating Thereto 3/12/2014 5/10/2014
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department - Notice of Application for General Permit to Remove or Disturb Sedimentary Material 4/08/2014 5/01/2014
Dallas County Elections Department - Citizen Election Advisory Committee Meeting 4/10/2014 4/30/2014
Dallas County Schools - Notice of Budget/Finance Committee Meeting of the Board of Trustees 4/17/2014 4/24/2014
Dallas County Schools - Notice of Regular Board Meeting of the Board of Trustees 4/17/2014 4/24/2014
Motion to Seal:  Cause No. DF-14-04270 In the Matter of The Marriage of Christina Principe Hunter and Seth Magill Hunter Notice of Hearing on Permanent Sealing of Court Records 4/17/2014 5/16/2014
Metrocare Services, Quality and Authority Services Committee 4/18/2014 4/24/2014
Metrocare Services, Board of Trustees, Board Training and Regular Session 4/18/2014 4/24/2014
Appraisal Review Board For The Dallas County, Texas Appraisal District 4/21/2014 5/15/2014
Executive Committee of the Dallas Area Ryan White Planning Council 4/23/2014 4/28/2014
Ryan White Planning Council of the Dallas Area (RWPC) Nominations Committee 4/23/2014 4/28/2014
Certification of Nominees for the November, 2014 General Election 4/24/2014 11/04/2014