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Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday (except for Court Approved Holidays)

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Dallas County Commissioners Court Meeting Agenda

2/27/2015 3/03/2015
Legal Notice Dallas County Commissioners Court Brief/Discussion of Matters Pertaining to Dallas County Jails 3/02/2015 3/06/2015
Dallas County 84th Legislative Briefing Meeting 11/03/2014 Every Friday 11/14/2014 through 7/17/2015
Dallas County IT Executive Governance Committee 10/14/2011 12/30/2015
Appraisal Review Board For The Dallas County, Texas Appraisal District 8/13/2014 4/30/2015
Notice of Intent to Enter Fields 1/14/2015 3/31/2015
Notice of the Requirement for Participation in the Northern Blacklands Zone Boll Weevil Eradication Program 1/14/2015 3/31/2015
Region C Water Planning Group 2/18/2015 3/22/2015
Metrocare Services Board of Trustees Regular Session 2/25/2015 3/05/2015
Metrocare Services Quality and Authority Services Committee 2/25/2015 3/05/2015

Scott Horton, Pam Hoarton and Amse Partners, LP v. Kevin M. Weaver v. Glen Harstad and Tom Currier

Notice of Filing and Hearing on Third-Part Rule 76a Motion to Seal Documents

2/26/2015 3/18/2015

NTTA - North Texas Tollway Authority Customer Service, Projects and Operations Committee Meeting


2/27/2015 3/05/2015

NTTA - North Texas Tollway Authority Finance and Audit Committee Meeting


2/27/2015 3/05/2015
Ryan White Planning Council of the Dallas Area Evaluation Committee Meeting 3/02/2015 3/05/2015
Dallas County Schools Notice of Special Called Board Meeting Dallas County Schools Board of Trustees 3/02/2015 3/05/2015
Lancaster Municipal Utility District No. 1 3/02/2015 3/09/2015
Motion to Seal - Cause No. DC-13-06046 Radiant Financial Inc., Plaintiff, vs. Faye Bagby, individually, and Bagby Investments, LP, a Limited Partnership, American Financial & Retirement Services, LLC, a Limited Liability Company, Paladin Settlements, Inc., and Mosaic Management Group, Inc., Defendants 3/02/2015 4/03/2015
Notice of Meeting of the Governing Body of the Dallas County Park Cities Municipal Utility District 3/03/2015 3/10/2015
Texas Political Subdivisions Joint Self Insurance Fund 3/03/2015 3/06/2015
Sardis-Lone Elm Water Supply Corporation Annual Membership Meeting 3/03/2015 3/06/2015
Metrocare Services, Intellectual & Developmental Disability Planning Network Advisory Committee 3/04/2015 3/10/2015
Dallas Housing Authority 3/04/2015 3/09/2015
City of Dallas Notice of Public Meeting/Aviso De Asamblea Publica 3/04/2015 3/19/2015
Irving Flood Control District, Section III Notice of Meeting 3/04/2015 3/09/2015