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Evaluation Committee

Meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 3pm.

Evaluation Committee

Committee Members
Lori Davidson
Gregg Gunter
Stephen Inrig
Maurice Murray
Phillip Scheldt
J. Michael Cruz
Ron Stinson
Tom Emanuele
Tom Emanuele, Chair
Bryant Porter
Bryant Porter, Vice Chair
Louise Weston Ferrill
Del Wilson
Marcos Alcorn
Gary Benecke
Louvenia Freeman
David Thomas
LaShaun Shaw

The Evaluation Committee is responsible for :

  • Ensuring that all parties receiving funding adhere to high standards of fiscal & programmatic accountability.
  • Conducting and Evaluation of the Adminstrative Mechanism. (annually)
  • Counducting an Evaluative study as outlined in the Comprehensive Plan (as needed)
  • Reviewing the Standards of Care for services (annually or as needed)
  • Reviewing and revising the Outcome Measures (as necessary)