Dallas County District Clerk Gary Fitzsimmons
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About the District Clerk
600 Commerce Street. Suite 103 Dallas, Texas 75202 • Telephone 214.653.7149

Gary Fitzsimmons, Dallas County District Clerk Gary Fitzsimmons was first sworn into office January 1, 2007. He was re-elected for a second term in November 2010. Since the beginning of his first term, Gary has appointed new managers to key positions in order to streamline court procedures, hasten the electronic management of case files and records, and increase efficiency in collecting and managing funds due to Dallas County. Through these appointments, has worked to establish greater diversity in management.

The centerpiece of his first administration was the establishment of the Digital Courts Conversion, a project he will continue to refine and promote during his second term. All Dallas County District Courts have now been converted to an electronic platform that begins with efiling documents for the convenience of the thousands of attorneys his office serves, and continues through the electronic management of court case files and records that benefits the judiciary and all customers.

He serves in an ex officio capacity on the Texas Supreme Court’s Judicial Committee on Information Technology, which is examining issues regarding paperless court systems statewide, bringing his own experience to the group.

Having traveled to many Counties to identify Best Practices, Gary continues his dedication to make his office among the most productive and efficient in the state. During his administration, he has received extensive positive coverage from media representing a wide range of political ideologies, reflecting the respect his office has won.

Gary Fitzsimmons
Dallas County District Clerk