Dallas County Sheriff

Impounded Livestock

If you are missing any of the listed animals please contact the Kennedy Livestock Center of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department at 972-225-6118.

Date Found Location Description
4/3/14 Sylvester @ Hawthorn Pony: Red Roan, Stud, 210lbs
4/3/14 5157 Ivy

Horse: Bay, Gelding, 830lbs

Horse: Gray, Gelding, 800lbs

4/3/14 2112 Greene Rd Donkey: Gray, Jack, 430lbs
4/7/14 Hwy 635 @ Hwy 175 Goat: White/Brown, Nanny, 37lbs
4/11/14 212 Bunche Donkeys: Gray and Brown, 5 Jacks, 7 Jennys
4/14/14 212 Bunche Donkeys: Gray and Brown, 6 Jacks
4/16/14 Seagoville Rd @ Shepard Pony: Red Dun, Stud, 260lbs
4/16/14 Beltline Rd @ Gellar

Llama: White/Brown, Male, 430lbs

Llama: White/Brown, Female, 360lbs