Dallas County Sheriff

Impounded Livestock

If you are missing any of the listed animals please contact Deputy Vaughan at the Kennedy Livestock Center of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department at Cell214-435-8189 between the hours of 7:am and 3:00 pm Monday-Friday

  Location Description

/11/17/15           BELTLINE/FISH                                                         2 HORSES

11/09/2015        8400 BLK OF MIDLAND RD.                                      1 GRAY HORSE

11/10/2015        ALGONQUIN-SAMALEON                                          1 PAINT STUD HORSE

11/22/2015        8525 OLD HOMESTEAD                                             5 SHETLAND PONIES

11/24/2015        4544  CLEVELAND ROAD                                           1 DONKEY