Dallas County Purchasing Department

Current Bid Tabulations

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Bid Tabulations
Bid Number Description



A/C for Routine Histological Services primarily including preparation of Paraffin Blocks from fixed tissue and preparation of slides with Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining



A/C for Asbestos-Lead-Mold Assessment and Consultant Services
2016-003-6540 RFP for Psychological Screening and Counseling of Law Enforcement Personnel



A/C for the Purchase of Indigent Hygiene Packets and Related items
2016-005-6542 RFP for Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) Disaster Debris Monitoring and Consulting Services
2016-006-6543 RFP for GPS Fleet Tracking Services for the Dallas County Automotive Service Center (ASC)
2016-007-6544 RFP for Third-Party Claims Administration and Related Services for Dallas County Self-Insured Worker's Compensation Program



Contract for the Removal and Replacement of the Steam Water System at North Tower Jail



A/C for Georgia Pacific Brand Paper Towels and Rolls



A/C for Road and Highway Aggregate materials for survace Treatment and Repairs



A/C for the Purchase of Tires and Tubes



A/C for body Damage and Collision Repair Services for Passenger, Medium and Heavy duty Vehicles
2016-013-6550 Demo & Recon - 411 Sunnyside Ave, Cockrell Hill, TX
2016-014-6551 Demo & Recon - 206 Thorne, Wilmer, TX
2016-015-6552 Demo & Recon - 709 Lloyd St., Wilmer TX
2016-016-6553 Demo & Recon - 2417 Doty Lane, Balch Springs, TX
2016-017-6554 Demo & Recon - 11917 Quail Dr., Balch Springs, TX
2016-018-6555 Demo & Recon - 4502 Shepherd Ln., Balch Springs, TX
2016-019-6556 RFP for Voluntary Supplemental Employee Benefits
2016-020-6557 RFP for Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services for the George Allen Sr. Courts Bldg., Records Bldg. Complex and Administration Bldg.
2016-021-6558 RFP for Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services for the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center, Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program Facility, and Panoramic Circle Facility
2016-022-6559 RFP  for Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services for the Southwest Institute of Forensic Science Office of the Medical Examiner



Contract for Electric Service Relocation and Generator Set Upgrade at 2121 Panoramic Circle, Dallas, TX
2016-024-6561 RFQ - Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity for Professional Engineering Laboratory Services, Construction Material Testing and Geotechnicak Engineering Services
2016-025-6562 SOQ for Architectural and Engineering Services – Records Building Complex Renovations



A/C for New and As-Is Modular Furniture to be Purchased and Installed at Various Dallas County Facilities


Contract for Electric Service Relocation and Generator Set Upgrade at 2121 Panoramic Circle, Dallas, TX


RFP for Audit Management Solution
2016-028-6565 RFQ for Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity for Real Estate Appraisal and Related Professional Services
2016-029-6566 RFP for New Human Resources Recruitment/Applicant Tracking, Onboarding and Performance Management Software



Contract for Purchase of 2016 Pursuit Vehicles, Van, Pickups and Truck
2016-031-6568 A/C for Telecommunication Parts and Equipment
2016-032-6569 Contract for Moving / Relocation of Dallas County Empooyees out of the Records Building Complex (One Time Sealed Bid)



A/C for Uniform Patches and Emblems
2016-034-6571 RFP for Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO)
2016-035-6572 A/C for Asbestos, Lead, and Mold Abatement and Remediation Services
2016-036-6573 Contract for Removal, Retro-Fit and Installation of New Mortise lock Replacements at Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center



A/C for the Purchase of Work Uniforms
2016-038-6575 Demo & Recon - 11508 Seagoville Rd., Balch Springs, TX 75180
2016-039-6576 A/C for Promotional Items
2016-040-6577 A/C for the Installation of Carpet, Tile, and Various Floor Covering Services
2016-041-6578 RFP for Fleet Fuel Card Program and Management Services
2016-042-6579 RFP for Mechanical and Weatherization Services
2016-043-6580 RFP for HIV and Social Services to be funded by the FY2015 Ryan White HIV / AIDS Treatment Extension Act / Ryan White Part B Formula and Minority Aids Initiative
2016-044-6581 RFQ for Open Space and Trail Preserve Program / Professional Consultant Engineering Services for Final Design of Chalk Hill Trail
2016-045-6582 Demo & Recon - 3703 Wood Oak Dr., Balch Springs, TX  75180
2016-046-6583 Demo & Recon - 715 Lloyd St., Wilmer, TX  75172
2016-047-6584 A/C for Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Related Services
2016-048-6585 RFQ / RFP for Construction Manager at Risk for Records Building Complex Renovation



CDBG FY 2012 Glenn Heights Morgan Heights Water Main Improvements, Phase III Project Nr. 6-CD03-L / District 3
2016-050-6587 A/C for Plumbing Supplies and Parts



A/C for Vehicle Insurance for the Health and Human Services Department