Dallas County Sheriff

Employees of the Month

The Dallas County Commissioners Court established the Dallas County Employee Recognition Program to formally pay tribute to outstanding employees. The following employees have been selected as the latest nominees:

DSO Juan Mancera March 2014 – DSO Juan Mancera

Detention Service Officer Juan Mancera is a very diligent employee in the West Tower Jail. He is prompt for work and completes all his tasks in a timely manner. He is a quick learner and an excellent team player and because of that, he is an asset to this department. Mancera started his career with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department in 2002.
DSO Darlene Runnels March 2014 – DSO Darlene Runnels

Detention Service Officer Darlene Runnels is one of the most eager employees in the West Tower Jail. On any given assignment, she gives it careful attention and completes it in a timely manner. Runnels is not afraid to ask a question when she is not sure about something and she always ensures the job is done correctly. She is able to deescalate situations before they arise. She started her career with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department in 2009.

Field Officer John Harris February 2014 – Field Officer John Harris

John Harris works with the North Texas Auto Theft Task Force to ensure the task force is in compliance with all state, federal and auto burglary and theft prevention authority guidelines.

He has demonstrated outstanding leadership and managerial ability in supervising the complex and diversified operations of the task force. He devotes several hours to ensure the equipment is working properly and effectively. He’s always willing to assist task force members, other agencies and the general public. He started his career with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department in 1985.
DSO Veda Martin February 2014 – DSO Veda Martin

Detention Service Officer Veda Martin works in the West Tower. Her ambitious and willing spirit brings delight to her co-workers, as well as the medical staff for the way in which she performs all her job assignments. Her primary responsibilities are to assist the medical staff as well as to assist with the daily floor relief of her fellow officers. Martin works well under pressure and is willing to lead by example. She started her career with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department in 2007.

Lead Clerk Theressa Smith January 2014 – Lead Clerk Theressa Smith

Lead Clerk Theressa Smith works with dispositions in the Data Management Unit inside the jail. She pulls and updates files, while assisting her team and supervisor in every which way possible. She is a great trainer who also maintains regular attendance. She started her career with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department in 2005.
Clerk Cheryl McElroy January 2014 – Clerk Cheryl McElroy

Clerk V Cheryl McElroy works as an out of county processing clerk in the Release Section. She volunteered for the mentorship training program for the lead clerk position in the last year and continues to be an asset to the department. Her team is very appreciative of her initiative to volunteer to lead during her supervisor’s absence. She even provides additional assistance at the book-in review desk when she completes her primary tasks. She started her career with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department in 2005.

Deputy Mayo Loza December 2013 – Deputy Mayo Loza

Deputy Mayo Loza works in the Traffic Division. He is a dependable employee who is a consistent top performer. He is dedicated to reducing the dangers of alcohol impairment drivers and for that, he should be recognized for his commitment to the safety of the citizens of Dallas County.

Lieutenant Stephen Womack November 2013 – Lieutenant Stephen Womack

Lt. Stephen Womack serves as Dallas County incident manager. He is the terminal agency coordinator, the point of contact with DPS, on all matters related to maintaining compliance with state and federal policies as related to the handling of criminal justice information.

Since formally beginning the AFIX Palm Print Electronic Database in June 2013, with no dedicated staff, Lt. Womack has facilitated the entry of over 64,000 searchable palm prints. He has also increased the number of other law enforcement agencies who can access the system remotely.
Detention Service Officer Christopher Johnson November 2013 – DSO Christopher Johnson

Detention Service Officer Christopher Johnson is part of the Special Response Team. He is dedicated to his duties and is always ready and willing to assist his co-workers. When a supervisor directs him to report for an assignment, he is always prompt to respond and he is also willing to give up his weekends, at times. His actions make him a valuable asset to the department.

Senior Executive Secretary Dora Elizondo September 2013 – Senior Executive Secretary Dora Elizondo

Ms. Dora Elizondo serves as executive secretary for the Detentions Housing Bureau, as well as the Technical Services Bureau. Her regular duties consist of sorting and distributing hundreds of letters, memos, reports, and any other correspondence that must be presented to the bureaus.

Under the Office of Detentions Administration, her two assistant chiefs serve more than 1,500 Dallas County Sheriff’s Department employees, an estimated 6,400 inmates, as well as numerous criminal justice professionals who may include some of the county and district judges.

Ms. Elizondo is fluent in Spanish, and because of this, she is often called upon to translate for people on the phone and in person. She is responsible for ensuring that all inter-departmental and non-departmental mail be distributed to the correct location and correct time. She updates her two assistant chiefs with important information as it pertains to the two bureaus, as it becomes available. She is often called upon by line staff to provide information on procedures and or policies. She is instrumental in providing or finding this information to all who inquire. She always carries out her duties with a smile and never complains of any assignment given to her. Also, she can be relied upon to finish any assignment given to her with little follow up, if any, required.

DSO Rosalind Reeves June 2013 - DSO Rosalind Reeves

DSO Rosalind Reeves selects qualified inmates to participate in re-entry programs with various community agencies. Officer Reeves has earned the reputation for her high ethical standard of performance. She respects the dignity of fellow officers, community volunteers, and detainees alike. Her professionalism, courteous disposition and radiant smile are qualities she bestows upon the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and community. She delivers exceptional service to community volunteers and stakeholders always treating individuals with respect, answering questions to help resolve problems, and following up to ensure satisfaction. In addition, Officer Reeves proudly represents the department in various capacities throughout the community.
DSO John Cannon June 2013 - DSO John Cannon

DSO John Cannon’s primary responsibilities are to maintain the cleanness and up keep of the West Tower Jail, assisting with escorting inmates back and forth to court, as well as serving the magistrate court officer, video officer, daily floor relief officer. Cannon displays a great deal of enthusiasm, professionalism, ambition and leadership. He is always willing to assist co-workers when and where needed. Cannon has gained a great deal of respect from his supervisors, co-workers, as well as the inmates. Cannon works well under pressure and is willing to lead by example, while performing any given task, which make him a great asset to this department.