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Allocations Committee

Meets the fourth Monday of each month at 5pm.

Allocations Committee

Committee Members
Emily Marks
Odus Oglesby
Buffie Bogue
Phillip Scheldt
Lionel Hilliard
Lionel Hillard, Chair

Barbara Neal,
Vice Chair
James Kleitches
Cipriano Gomez III
Yolanda Jones

Charge: Develop recommendations for distribution of funds among priority goals using all available information regarding community and agency needs, current funding for HIV services, and trend data; develop recommendations for service category allocations. Recommendations for service category allocations will include how best to meet each established priority.

The Allocation Committee is comprised of infected/affected consumers, non-funded providers, and interested community members. The Allocation Committee is responsible for allocating funds based on Needs Assessment data, cost-effectiveness and outcome-effectiveness data, priority rankings, and the availability of other governmental/non-governmental resources.

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