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Rules of Conduct

The Law Library provides access to legal information for both attorneys and pro se litigants. We are here to assist in the use of Library resources and services. Please help us keep the Library safe and conducive to legal research by following the below rules of conduct. Patrons shall respect the rights of other Library users and Library staff.

Safety, Security, Theft, and Vandalism

The following guidelines will be used to define those activities that are inappropriate, dangerous or unlawful for Library users.

Activities Not Permitted in the Library:

1. Engaging in any activity prohibited by law

2. Eating or drinking

3. Only certified assistance animals may be brought into the Library

4. Leaving children under 15 years of age unattended in the Library

5. Sleeping, sleeping bags, bedrolls, and blankets

6. Loud, boisterous, or disruptive behavior

7. Soliciting and panhandling

8. Interfering with others use of the Library or with the Library's staff performance of their duties

9. Entering unauthorized areas

10. Harassment, sexual harassment, intimidation, stalking or prolonged staring at patrons and/or staff

11. Using abusive or profane language with staff or other patrons.

12. Bodily hygiene that is so offensive that it interferes with others use of the Library or with the Library's staff performance of their duties

13. Internet/computer policy violations

14. Theft or damage of Library property

15. Physical obstruction of aisles and traffic corridors or moving furniture

16. Failing to abide by Library rules and regulations relayed by staff or posted in the Library

17. Patrons engaged in activities not associated with the use of the Law Library and its resources may be asked to leave

18. Unauthorized cell phone usage

19. Luggage and any carry-in item must be no larger than 24 inches x 16 inches or over 3840 cubic inches

20. The Library shall not be used instead of an office for the practice of law or any other professional or business activity

21. Remaining in the Library during an emergency/drill; before opening or after closing

22. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

23. Please note, unattended belongings will be turned over to Dallas County Security and may be retrieved there

A copy of the Library's Criminal Trespass policy is available on the Dallas County website and in paper form at the front door of the Library entrance.

Personal Conduct

In consideration of others, quiet is expected in the Library. Cell phones, pagers, and PDAs should be set to vibrate. Copiers or other equipment should be used as quietly as possible. Crying or noisy children must remain outside the Library with an adult. Loud, boisterous, bizarre or disruptive behavior is not allowed.

Use of Library Materials

Patrons should not conceal or hide Library materials for their exclusive use. Pocket parts or loose-leaf pages may not be removed except for the purpose of copying. After copying pages, they should be returned to their correct location in the book. Patrons are asked not to reshelve books. Materials left on tables are reshelved every night. Our collection is non-circulating and no materials should be removed from the Library.

Failure to Comply
Any violation of these rules may result in a no trespass warning. Failure to comply with any of the above mentioned rules, cooperate in their enforcement, or directives of the Library staff could result in the temporary or permanent removal from the Library according to the Texas Penal Code.