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DAs in Schools photoThe DAs in Schools program kicked off its inaugural year this Fall at John Carpenter Elementary, T.W. Browne Middle, and Justin F. Kimball High Schools.

Through a series of small group discussions and activities, ADAs provide students with guidance and education in such topics as conflict resolution, respect, and drug and alcohol awareness.

A very special thank you to the following ADA volunteers who put in so much time and effort for our DAs in Schools students.

Carpenter Elementary: Lori Ordiway, Durrand Hill, Becky Bailey, Messina Madson, Jerry Varney, Pat Kirlin, and Alexandra Guio.

Browne Middle: Glen Fitzmartin, Ellyce Lindberg, Gaelle Aubrey, Jessica Trevizo, Sneha Patel, and Soni Lewis.

Kimball High School: Kevin Brooks, Carmen White, Bree West, Felicia Kerney, Sanford Holmes, Holly Rasmussen and Shawnkeedra Martin.

For more information, please e-mail Cheryl Mayo Williams at Cheryl.Mwilliams@dallascounty.org.